This medium? Coco loco

Anyone use or have used coco loco potting mix? It seems to have nutrients in it already, so when should I start giving nutrients? I am still in process of setting up my tent and have started my seeds in pots outside, they are still small but look good I think. This is my first time growing cannibis so I have lots to learn I’m sure, there are 2 auto flower plants and 2 photo period seeds I started, I plan to grow them all in same tent at 18/6 light timing, any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Jeremy, welcome. I have used coco loco for sprouts in a current grow. I rinsed first due to salts in coco. At transplant I mixed in living soil. I started giving nutes to my photos late week four and my autos at early week 6 (flower). I’m sure others do differently and a lot of things work. Just watch them and they will tell you what they need! Happy growing and good luck!


Hi Jeremy! :handshake:

I’ve not used that brand, but most pre-mixes should have enough food for a few weeks. Especially the early ones, they don’t need much right now anyway.

As for feeding - everybody’s got their own recipes they prefer - you sorta settle in to what works for you and your environment. It is a weed after all, and there’s 1000 ways to grow it.

I don’t do bottled nutes. The recipe I like is around 60% buffered coco, 30% worm castings/compost, 10% perlite, plus some organic dry amendments.

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