This is how I’m curing

Hello ,
This is from last zkittles crop . Hanged for 3 days then jar with 3 quick burps a day. I also changed the boveda to 58% .
Seems to me that the incisions along the stem b4 hanging speed up the process a bit.
Hanged 4/11


What ever works for you is good. Personally, I like a much LONGER dry…it makes for a smoother smoke…less harsh, less coughing. whiter ash. It also brings out MORE FLAVORS

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Nuuu I let it cure for at least 60 days … sometimes 30 depends on my stash level :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Personally I dry for at least 10 days usually longer. I like mine dry to about 10-12% moisture content, no lower than 8. As for the cure, typically I’ll start smoking it after 30 days. But each grow is as different as the person growing it. I start my dry cure before I ever harvest. The last 10 days I give 0 water, and drop the humidity to 40% or below. I also start my dry at 40% for the first few days, then bump it up to 60% for the rest of the dry time.


Mold can and will grow in an environment above 77°F with rh 55% & above… :dark_sunglasses:

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Interesting the dry cure b4 harvest , what is that you do ?

Stop watering it. Let it dry up and use the nutes it has stored. This ramps up the process of cleaning out the chlorophyll. For last 10 days I give 0 water last 3 of that 10 is in complete darkness.

The ideal environment to cure in is below 68dg and 60% humidity. There are several studies done and being done on this. In Europe cannabis does not hit shelves until it’s been cured for at least 90 days. The dry cure can ruin good cannabis or make ok cannabis good. But it’s up to each of us to find our way that we like.

There are a few premade machines that will do it for you, 2 in the homegrowers price range. The cannatrol looks the best and has the best features, but at 1500$.


Excellent! Let me ask you , if you can’t place back in the tent for darkness is it ok to put it in paper bags?

You dont have to do the 3 day of darkess. It’s just to dry the plant out more and allow it to drain the last of its energy. When the trichomes are right chop it down. I try to time everything around that, but you dont always know how long it will take. Once chopped I’ll leave the plant whole and hang it upside down until the branches just barely snap, then I take each branch off the main trunk and dry like that on flat screens for a few days. Then I’ll buck the buds off and back onto screens until ready to cure.

I use a wardrobe box from homedepot to hang my drying rack/screens in. Cut a few holes for air flow and put a fan blowing in. There are several versions of it. Just Google it.

MY McGuiver Wardrobe box

Top opens for venting, front door, side hole for cables , mylar diamond lined and exterior painted / waterproofed