Third grow ever, getting it sorted eventually

Third grow ever, I’ve stuck mostly with blueberry auto, learning as I go.

First try was disastrous. I used happy frog with no nutes, had poor understanding of light intensity and watering. Two very scraggly plants, harvested too soon, sunburned and starved. Not impressive.

Second try was two plants, each in a core of happy frog in the center of a three gallon bag of FFOF in a five gallon fabric pot. One plant topped, one LST, both introduced to nutes late in grow. Almost exactly the same yield from vastly different looking plants. Fantastic smoke, decent yield, some gnarly colorful buds with awesome aroma.

Grow number three is in progress. One seed germinated in a happy frog core in the middle of a bag of FFOF. Following the FF schedule, but dosed approximately half the schedule, I started the three pack of FF liquid additives. At 34 days after sprouting, using the recommended distances and intensity of the spider farmer 1000 series led light, the tied down top flanked by three or four promising colas, and decent looking foliage. I’ve culled all or parts of maybe eight leaves since day one for various reasons. Just looking to see what one somewhat pampered plant will give. Many thanks to those who offered comments on the earlier grow. Pic is day thirty four of a single LST bbaf.


I found the correct light and distance are most important for this. And for some reason, my very first grow I actually had 2 plants in a 5 gallon pot, and had 4 pots in the tent at once. 8 plants together in a 3x3x6 tent! I actually got over 8 oz that first time! Second time sucked, harvested too early and got migraines and my neck locked up, high anxiety. When you get to that point get a jewlers loupe or microscope to check the buds trichomes before cutting them down.


I’ve been using a simple, water only system designed for weed plants. One product is right on amazon the other is over the internet, but their shipping takes like a month ( ) . All you do is mix either of these with fox farms ocean forest, I use that because its PH is set between 6.6 to 6.8. No need to use any nutes. This system feeds them for up to 4 months full life cycle of autos. Its even named, autoflower ,after autoflower weed plants. By the way, Great Value spring water at Walmart is perfect for indoor weed plants. No added chlorine or metals to filter out, and most important, the PH range tests at 6.6 to 6.8, good for weed plants in soil. No need to adjust. Test one from your walmart and if its good, buy more. I use a simple color test with a clear vial that I got at a pet store actually, its for testing water PH, not even 10.00 for 250 tests. Don’t use the electronic ones on amazon for 15 dollars. I tried one and it didn’t even work. A simple chemical reaction color test will always work. WOW, I actually found the one I bought, on amazon for only 6.00, its in 0.2 increments, excellent for weed plant water ! no need to test the soil if you use ocean forest as it is already adjusted.

Know the PH of the water your using in soil you should be between 6 and 7. My filtered tap water is still way over 7.4. To adjust it , I needed to add like 1/8 tsp citric acid to 2.5 gallons. A pain in the ass to make 2.5 gallons every time to use less than one cup when they are seedlings. Then I went to a few stores and tested purified and spring water until I found the one at wall mart

With the lighting, this may help. Copied from another post I did, so some may not apply to your pictures, but just to let you know–

I’ve had good results with 18 on 6 off. But you may have the same problem I did when I switched my light, momentarily. If those stems shot up more than an inch, that means the light source isn’t strong enough.
I replaced my light and with the next grow, my plants shot up like those. When I’ve done it right, you’ll see those leaves double in size each day. Mine had no growth and didn’t get bigger until after a week, then they started growing, after I put my old light back. That may be a plant light you are using but your not going to get a lot of buds from 5 plants with that light. I have two 200 watt leds panels for 4 plants, just to insure lighting from side to side in the tent. Only way to see what your dealing with is by using a light PAR meter, that specifically measures the light in the spectrum plants use. I finally got one, cheapest one is around 250.00 unfortunately, but it’s the only way of knowing if you have enough light or not.

I found this , needed one quickly to see how to handle my new lights. A lux meter isn’t accurate enough for LED lights or for getting readings of what the plants can use.

Your light is too red/purple for that stage. You need more blue light around 470 nm. The correct lights for weed are either blue, white and red, or blurple, and all -white. But specifically, they need the right ratio of blue and red wavelengths.

I used this and got ounces on my first grow.

Here is my recent project, 3rd day after sprouting. This time I have an upgraded light, with 2 dimmers.

Yes, Im running a little hot but just turned up my exhaust fan so the temp should be coming down, and at night it drops to 72. Planting right in big pots can be a pain to water correctly. But I don’t know if that slows growth down more than just using a small cup and transplanting.

New light. Other than the seeds, I bought everything for the project on amazon, and the PH test kit I got at pet store around the corner, but Amazon has that too.

@Northcountryguy you can yield a lot with a single plant. It just depends on how long you are willing to veg and feed.

If you scrog and fill the whole tent you can get a great yield but you’d need to veg for a few more weeks.

If you lst it properly you can get it to fill the whole tent too.

Growing a monster plant is mostly a waiting game. The more patience you have in veg the more you will yield when you flower.

I’ve managed to pull almost 2 lbs from a single plant in a 4x4. Just pampering and scroging.

I figure 1 plant in a 2x2 which is what it looks like you’re working with and the sf 1000 you can get close to 1 lb with the right cultivar and a long veg if you veg it long enough to fill the tent before you flower it.


And it’s an auto. So I figure the added fun of getting it what it needs before it ages out as mediocre.

@Northcountryguy sorry man. I thought you meant you were trying something new as in a photo or new cultivar. Not just pampering one auto.

No worries. I may or may not have been baked af when I posted that.

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