Thinking Cal-mag issue but I'm a first timer

Beginning week 6 veg, day 51 from seed. Blue Dream Fem, 20/4 schedule, 76F +/- and 55% RH +/-. I reeeeaaally feel like this is a Cal-mag issue judging by everything Iโ€™ve seen from multiple resources. This is my first grow so I am really trying not to screw it up. Would love and greatly appreciate any opinions or advice from more experiened growers :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

Also forgot to mention, there are several lower fan leaves that have curled down crispy tips and random leaves that have brown rust looking spotting. Like I said I am FAIRLY certain Cal-mag, but would love an expertโ€™s opinion :smirk::sweat_smile::thinking::raising_hand_man:

Iโ€™m no expert but I had similar issues and tried cal-mag with no success. The plants were root bound and once transplanted they fully recovered.

I suggest some root zone aeration. It could be a number of things (lighting distances, temps, air flow pot/plant size)but I would start there and less nutes with next feeding or two, wouldnโ€™t hurt to add cal/mag or top dress with natural amendments. Watch your new growth, adding root zone helpers (microbes, enzymes and living bacteria) will help quickly and noticeably and cure most root lock issues. FYI adding root zone โ€œhelpersโ€ will not work if you are already using a contradicting nutrient platform, it will kill off the helpers before getting a chance to get to the root. Voodoo juice plus, IMO, is a good place to start your root zone helper research. I hope this was helpful and happy growing!
EDIT: Look in to potassium uptake if your cal/mag does not help. K is still needed, in smaller amounts, while in veg.

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