Things were going well until they weren’t

Hi Friends,

First timer and just transplanted from solo cups to one galons and started giving Vegamatrix nutrients at 50%. I have been using Kind LED X2, 750 watts. Was on a seedling clone setting at about 22 inches, now on vegetative setting and moved it down to 18 inches.

I under-watered and then got scared and over watered. Let the soil almost completely dry and gave each plant 250 ml with 50% nutrients today.

PH 6.4
TDS 570 ppm
EC 1190
Humidity 69-70%

Really don’t know what to do at this point and suggestions are welcomed, let me know if any other info is needed.



@Orinxxx looks like transplant shock and some micro deficiency. Did you forget to add a decimal to your ec? 570 ppm should be about 1.15-1.2 so 1.19 would be in that range.

Ppm and ec is good if so. Temps and rh are good.

Looks like transplant shock and micro deficiency. Keep your feed the same but add some of the boost. If already using the boost increase the amount you are adding to the grow. If you don’t have the boost you can use a good organic calmag compatible with vegamatrix. Most organic ones are.


Thanks so much for your quick response. You must be right, I think it’s just the formatting of the Vivosun meter I have 1194 US/CM, I tried to add a pic but it’s giving me grief.

Sounds like I am more worried than I need to be and just keep at it? The one plant that looks the worst, it’s container is heavier than the others, I measured the PH of the run off and it was pretty low at around 4.7. Should I add some PH up and feed at a higher PH, maybe 7.5-8?



@Orinxxx Give it a soil feeding with some calmag and pH up. Should do the trick. Calmag has a higher pH too. I’d personally do calmag and liquid kelp. Liquid kelp works as pH up and is much better suited for organic and veganic gardening. Also I wouldn’t go higher than 6.8 pH. No need to over compensate as the calmag and kelp feeding will flush out the root zone a bit as well.


@Orinxxx so you have a purity meter. Us/cm you divide by 1000 to get ms/cm which is the standard ec reading when people say ec needs to be 1.0-1.3 range. Does your meter have an option to measure in ms/cm or is it us/cm only? Regardless they are all measurements of ec but without adding the us/cm or ms/cm most people will see it as the us standard of ms/cm. Anyway, to the point, everything will bounce back soon. Just keep feeding at your range and try not to let the soil dry out because that can cause a lot of pH fluctuations too.

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Thanks so much for the guidance and info, I’m learning so much from you in this forum


I would add this, Your plants need a bigger home than the one you gave them. You most likely have shock like described above but those plants are already too big for those pots. I’d go 3 or 5 gal pots. Just my opinion, hope it helps make your grow successful.

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Thanks, I wasn’t to sure about when to put in final pots, they have been in the one gallons for about a week. Will switch them tomorrow, appreciate it

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I moved them to 3 gallons this last weekend, I am still struggling with the nutrients and PH but 2 of them
are ok.

Is the one back right flowering? Auto seed in the pack of wedding cake feminized or can they flower when severely stressed?

Hey MDBuds and community. I am hoping you can you take a look and let me know if this is normal for 4th week veg, are they starting to flower? Am I growing autos?

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@Orinxxx Yep, lots of pistils, definitely flowering! What’s your light schedule? If more than 14 hours per day, photos should stay in veg…especially at 4 or 5 weeks!

Good chance they are autos.

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Oh no, is that a bad thing? I have it on 18/6, should I change to 12/12? I have also been feeding Vegamatrix veg schedule, should I change to the flower nutes?

Thanks for answering

@Orinxxx leave the lights on 18/6 or even boost them to 20/4…the autos will continue to flower and aren’t affected by light schedules, give them as much as they can take (but let them rest for a few ours a night).
Nutes, yep I’d switch to flowering nutes now.
Is this a good or a bad thing? Good in that you’ll harvest in a month or so, bad in that it won’t be as big a yield as you were probably hoping for. Good time to plant some replacements! You can start them in the same tent with the same 18/6 light schedule, the first batch will finish up when the next are ready to flip (if you have photo seeds).

I just went back to your original post from 16 days ago…they look like they are flowering in those pics! You said it was a clone from a seed. You must have cloned an auto plant, clones from autos DON’T reset the life-counter to zero! A clone from a 4-week old auto is 4 weeks into its short life and will mature at the same time as the donor.


Thanks so much for the info. You’re not going to believe it, I just checked the seeds and they’re autos! Oh man, I transplanted them twice and have had them in the wrong feeding schedule, 2 of them were not happy. I also left them to long in smaller containers and 2 were also root bound.

I will follow your guidance and hopefully salvage this first experience. 2 of the 4 or doing great, one is slowing coming around and one I think may be dead.

I assume I should switch my lights to flower LED spectrum?

Thanks again!

I keep both veg and bloom on mine for both veg and bloom. And that’s with photos, plan to do the same this time, starting 2 autos and 2 photos.

Maximum power Mr. Sulu!

Chalk it up to a lesson learned. Years from now you can sit back and have one of those “When I started growing…” stories folks can laugh about. I’ve had mine!

Don’t give up on the 4th one, she may come back to life. They are weeds after all. You might want to give them a good flush to get rid of any veg nutes left in there, then start on your flower nutes. Wouldn’t hurt.