The tale of 3 plants

So my first autoflower grow and wow what pleasure it has been…these 3 are all the same strain the snow white, white widow, Cali snow cross. Talk about pheno differences these three are so different from each other…harvest time is the weekend! Amber trichomes coming along. The plant on the right is 30"tall. If they were all like that Omg the yield would be amazing.


Nice grow! :+1: If you see them getting uneven you can always add a “booster seat” for the shorties.


That’s funny I did exactly that for my photo periods as i messed up the germination a bit so I had 2 runts.

Welcome and congrats on your first grow!

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Welcome @Caregiver , they all look beautiful :heart:. Happy harvesting.

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How did you mess up germination?

I think I had the light to close as they were sprouting and it slowed one down and I thought the 6th seed was not going to germinate so I was using the dirt form that pot to top off the others and then I had 2 in one so it was to deep I assume but when I spread the dirt it sprouted in another pot…so way behind and I had to transplant it so I slowed it down, they are smaller but nice buds are coming, this is an earlier pic of the photo periods and the current flowers…you can see the middle booster seats lol.


That’s some beautiful plants… Looks like a threesome is the way to go, plenty of air and light for everyone. I did a SOG and it’s hard work keeping everyone happy. Great job on them gurls!


Ok so we ended up with just over 4oz of flower and 4 oz of larf the plant on the left never really did much and the buds are all airy the other two had some decent colas.

@Caregiver what is larf?

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@jjress i think he was saying leaf’s or leaves

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@Daddy1971 :joy::joy: yeah probably, I was scratching my head trying to figure it out, figured I’d just ask.

Lol don’t hurt to ask anything you’re not sure of

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Larf is non dense bud… like I’d use for edible or such not so much for smoking. Too me anyway*


Well hell that a new one for me never heard of it before

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Larf are buds that are not dense, still has all the goodies (trichomes) that will go for like edibles rosin or some oil, butter whatever just not pretty or dense compared to the nice buds I got off the other 2 plants…but like regnart said it is still usable.

Lol. The best handle I ever saw on a forum (not this one) was The Larf Knight Rises. Still laughing my ass off every time I see the word larf.


@Noddykitty i have the way that trimmer works i have one more thing to add and i can’t show the rest over three text