The Joy Of Growing Cannabis Outdoors From Seed

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At Ganja Ma Gardens, the home of Swami Select, we are privileged to be able to grow outdoors in full sun, which is why we call our cannabis, Sungrown, of course. It also means that on a full moon night in early September, we can run naked through plants up to ten feet high, smelling…

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I worked on an outdoor farm and yields can be tremendous! (I know just having a small outdoor on your own place can be too if you have the land)

my gf as we cut down the plants we were kinda isolated for the whole grow, but what great views. (And yes they are separate plots, we worked on a farm with three plots all close by with 500, 66, and 38 outdoor plants and a bunch of seed starts of many different types). Quite a learning experience. farm helper (not the same lady in my profile)


Amazing girls , I grow inside. But man I’d like to grow outside.

Happy growing

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I too now grow inside out of necessity, but one day I hope to have my own grow outside as well. Here’s hoping at least, and happy growing to you as well! :sunglasses:

I am an experienced outdoor grower, (southern CA near the coast). Can’t find much info or help here, but signed up to see what may happen in the future. I can help other outdoor growers in the meantime with most questions. I also have a contact that is the Professor of Soil Sciences school of agriculture at a well-known university I can occasionally tap. I’m looking for info to increase potency mostly. I battle heat spells and wind storms here that I’m looking for other growers advice. I’m also interested in others cannabis fert. info as to what they are using and why. Hoping your focus will widen to include more outdoor as the fastest growing market in the cannabis world as more discover they can supply thier own from thier own yard without all the costs of an indoor setup while being kinder to the enviroment.

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Don’t need much land. I grow the maximum number of plants allowed here (5) in 12 gallon tall pots on wheels to enable movement for better exposure or protection. In my small back yard. Five plants yields me all I can use for the year as well as plenty to share and experiment with. I’m an all natural grower, using no chemically derived feed. I have experience with about a dozen cultivars including White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Bomb, Pineapple Haze and the unknown seeds most seed supplies send as gifts. I’m also experienced at concentrates, now focusing on dry ice hash as the most efficient and easy. My dry ice hash recipe is better than the reciprocal saw one by far using an orbital polisher to supply the shaking/vibration. Could do a video if somebody close could come and hold the camera. Ready to help and looking forward to receiving some as well.

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Yeah I definitely want to do outdoor, just hard to do in the burbs now, but yeah I definitely think it’s the way to go. I know we top dressed guano, used airstones and made a tea mixture with algae and Bloom and a few things to pour ontop. Don’t know if I still have a picture of the mix we used but I’ll see.

Just do it!! Outdoor is King! Can’t beat the sun for energy supply and it’s free. You’re not only being more responsible to learn to grow outdoors, you will save money. I’ve grown outdoors since the 70’s, so have much to share. I’m looking forward to this sites expansion into the outdoor world. The more I learn the more I realize the more I need to know. The process never ends, but becomes a fav. hobby that you enjoy spending the time researching and experimenting different techniques for different outcomes each grow. I’m retired now and I have all the time in the world to devote to my hobbies. I worked hard a long time, now its time to relax, enjoy and enrich. Good luck!