The importance of decarboxylation (decarbing)

I’m bringing the desserts to the family Thanksgiving feast this year. So I’m definitely making some brownies.

I had a question on this topic. So if infuse it into the oil, and then bake with that oil, Im guessing it’s going to degrade the THC a bit?

Should I stick to the low end of the temperature and time ranges for the de carb then?

I’ve got the oven preheated already so that’s what I’m going to try. I guess if you have different advice I’ll heed it for the next time. :grin: I think I’m going to add some not-de-carbed weed as well anyway.


@CurrDogg420 yeah if you bake with it it will decarb. That’s why if I make butter or oil for baking I don’t decarb before infusion, or if I do I will only decarb for 15-20 minutes. That way when you finish baking you’ll have decent amounts of thc and cbd left and you wouldn’t have burned it all off or converted most of it into cbn.

Unfortunately if you’re looking to have thca and cbda your best bet is to make no bake cookies and such.

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Thanks again @MDBuds! I also referred over to your excellent dosing thread but I got a little stoned and my brain doesn’t want to math.

I used a little over an ounce of weed, for a little under 2 cups (15oz) coconut oil. My recipe calls for 1/3 cup of oil. Carry the 1 and I think that works out to like a bowl per brownie, right? :grin:

I could definitely like, submerge another ounce in there…. :thinking:

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@CurrDogg420 how many brownies are you making? To give you the break down of how much potential thc will be in the brownies I will need to know how many brownies you intend to make with this batch. :joy:

I’d also need to know the average potency of the bud you put in the oil.


Uhh, so like a 9x9 pan? :rofl: Yeah I just looked at the recipe again and it actually calls for 1/2 cup of oil altogether. So that’s like a 1/4oz per pan at this rate.

It’s my homegrown so I don’t know the exact THC. It was supposed to average around 20%. I think I did pretty good with it.


@CurrDogg420 1/2 cup oil is 4 liquid 0z.

If average is around 20% I’ll just do a quick estimate for you now.

30 grams cannabis 15 Oz oil at 20% thca.

30,000 x .2= 6,000 mg thca

6,000 thca x infusion rate of coconut oil at .86= 5,160

5,160 ÷ 15 = 344 mg thca per liquid ounce

344 x 4 = 1,376 mg thca for the full batch of brownies.

If you cut them into squares 3x3 you’ll have 9 brownies

1,376 ÷ 9 = 153 mg thca per brownie rounded up

Now how long do you bake them for so I can estimate your activated thc after baking? :joy: