The HUNT is on: Best Gummy Recipe

I know I have seen it quite a few times somewhere in the forum but you know how it goes…can’t find it when you want it
Looking for gummy recipe’s and edible that you really love.

I also received this Olivia shit balls amended version that looked rather interesting
2 tbsp cocoa powder
2 tbsp nut butter or grass fed
2 tbsp infused oil*
infusing oil - you can go right to any google version of infusing oil or make a tincture (using ethanol or other alcohol based product - but make sure you place your distillate in the freezer along with your carboxylated herb to try and keep the unwanted out (chlorophyll, and other unwanted substances that are dissolved in the alcohol that bring the product down (that dark green bitter taste)
100gr any nut you like
200g of dried fruit, or honey or maple syrup
Seal salt (to taste)
blitz buts in blender roughly
add ingredients
blitz till clumpy
scoop and roll into balls, chill

Well, I love this recipe, but I’m now bummed. I didn’t keep my distillate in the freezer, but in a dark cabinet. Wonder if it will make it awful? (thinking out loud)

no, not any less than what the plant already has, just the added affects of tasting chlorophyll. That is where the dark and bitter taste comes from That dark green color). You need to place herb (before you add it to he booze) and alcohol in the freezer so you can get a cleaner tincture. Doesn’t change quality of it, just taste. And, I recommend if you make butter or similar (use of oils), add lecithin so the thc distributes evenly in the fats.

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So store pre-carb in there, too? (For what I’m going to be cooking with?)

I do have a really great gummy recipe, but I’ve never tried canna tincture with it. I infuse/decoct elderberry and rosehips for about two hours, sieve it, add 2 c of water, add a couple of TBLS of great gelatin/collagen (excellent for my brain/joint health). I pour it into silicone trays and cut it up.

PS: I use a 2:1 ratio herbs/water in case anyone is interested.