The flowering report

Love coming here every day talking to the girls they are such good listeners. I felt like having icecream and cookies.


Tell us more, its looking good.

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Well I’m new to the cannabis Horticulture science , I fell in love with everything about this plants.

It’s not only the end product but the entire process, even getting the seed at homegrown. Total life changer.

But this 2 are Girl scout cookies (left) and Gelato (right).

I planted the on December 1st and decided to flower them a week ago.

GSC was my first. Great for my PTSD

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I moved my plants to buckets on new years day so it would be easy to keep up with. Ha-ha as you get older you learn new tricks. This is a great place to learn.

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It sure is.
And to talk with no stigma or judgements.

I just been listening to these guys since day one and so far everything is going great.

I have never heard any sarcasm or bullying on this website… They don’t allow it! This is my grow at day 12 from flip


welcome and glad to meet you.

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So that is what a sea of green looks like :heart_eyes:. Nice to meet you too.

I’m new at this(first time) I started a couple years ago but only grew autoflowers I decided to make it more difficult on myself and try a sea of green. :upside_down_face:I think I was high at the time


Well it looks tranquil and inspiring.
Awesome job

How large is your sea? My beds are 4 ft across and they are a pain to trim in the middle. Spent 5 hours today defoliating and cleaning up those troublesome little buds that sprout on the lower stalks. Not quite lollypoping but definitely freeing up some air movement.

I passed on some Gelato seedlings I started from hgc as freebe seeds. My buddy passed me back a sample today. I am strictly tincture but the family said it blew them away. They said it has 2 toke max kinda power.

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I’m very excited about sampling all this hard work 🪴

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looking great! that is a good looking canopy… :+1:

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5’x5’ and it is going to be a pain to defoliate.

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images :joy:


With great grows comes great responsibility…Oh wait, that’s Spiderman…The work is hard but the reward is worth it

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@Gabo :v::laughing: this time of year or winter grows i never have much to trim

Germinted in the soil November 4th Election Day and needs Ten more weeks HGCC GG #4 Fem and during the hard freeze it was 49 degrees tops back there


(My wife)
“Man ACE hardware has really stepped up its game, they sell cannabis?” :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

Now I know who is been dipping into my wax.