The correct vagamatric grow chart

bought Bruce Banner 2.0 Feminized from pack of 12 that I will be growing (when they finally come ) with vegamatrix per Kyles recommendation. My question is there are multiple charts for feeding on the vegamatrix website here

Can you tell me which one is recommended for this strain? This is my first grow in a bud box 80x80x160 cm grow box so only 4 plants with a King Plus 2000 LED

Your thoughts?

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Bruce 2 is a Sativa dominant strain WITH A 10 WEEK FLOWER TIME. Make sure it is not auto but true photo period.
Go with the (Sativa) 10 Week Flowering Recipe

Thanks for the advice!
I do not know the difference between auto and true photo period can you send me a link where I can learn about it?

Any google search will bring it up
In a nutshell:
Auto flower - they flower based on a timeframe, not light exposure. They have been crossbred with ruderalis, a SHORT quick growing strain. Average LIFE of an Auto flower is 10-12 weeks… From seed to harvest. Usually short in stature (1-3 feet)
Photo period - As long as the light is greater than 13, 14 hours, it will continue to grow (called veg state). When it reaches a point where WE decide, we FLIP - change the lights to 12 on, 12 off. That induces flowering. Then an average of 8-11 weeks of flower time
Photo period grow MUCH larger and are better under our control but the wait is usually 2x as long. We grow auto for QUICK harvest and the ability to grow many genus at the same time becasue they take up much less space
I usually grow Auto in 1,2,3 gallon fabric pots. I grow phot0 in 5, 7, 10 and 13 gallon planters. The harvest from auto can be small…7 grams, up to 40-50 grams and photo can produce 1/4 lb to 1 lb per plant
SPACE is a consideration as you can grow photo period strains VERY BIG. If they are Sativa dominant, they can grow easily 6’ tall or more. They require more tending, training, etc. Auto - in a living soil, organic soil, you can almost grow with nothing but watering and a few amendments…like cal/mag, sulfur, maybe some bloom nutrient (a nutrient heavy in the P and K portion of nutrition)

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