The 7 Stages of Being High

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Made me giggle, especially the paranoia part. How many of us has that happened to? Hell, probably happens to me sober more often than not.

Reminded me of a call I ran once where a teenager was left in a convenience store by her friends after they smoked for the first time. She was convinced she was dying and I had to convince her and the general public that she wasn’t, she just had to wait it out, and to look for some new friends in the future. I bought her a giant drink, gum, and munchies for the hospital visit and their subsequent call to Mom and Dad. Hahaha!


WOW! That must have been some kick ass weed! I bet after going through all of that, her cover is blown, she probably doesn’t smoke anymore.

I have never had weed that made me as high as what you talk of. Like tripping! I do enjoy a trip, just once a year, if I can find some. Can you really grow pot that is this kind of effects?? I had a friend who said smoking pot made her horny. I never got/get that feeling. Am I not smoking the right kind? I’m thinking between the trip and the sexual desires…I am NOT smoking the right kind. Insights?

Acapulco Gold makes my wife horny
I had Thai stick (years ago)…not only made me horny but climaxing was full body
I have had Black African - trippy weed
Have not tried the LSD weed yet but would like to

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Thank you Mike for your feedback! So there IS a LSD weed??? Now THAT would be interesting as long as not overused. :slight_smile: Thanks, again!

Oh yes, very nice strain. Search results for: 'LSD'

Thank you Jram-13!! I will look it up and see if there’s anything there.

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