Tent humidity problem

I am growing 2 very large auto og kush and they are in their 8th week. Im growing these girls in a rdwc system. I’m having a humidity problem and have tried so many things to fix it but am having no luck. Il write what I have and am doing so far and if anyone has any input that could help me please do and thank you in advance.
I have a 3×3 Mars Hydro tent. Inside is installed an AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4, Quiet 4” Inline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller. I also am using ac Infinity carbon filter. I’m using MAXSISUN 400W Grow Light. I have 2 fans in the upper corners aimed at the top of the light. I have another fan in the bottom of my tent directed upwards. I just purchased an Inofia 30 Pint 1500 SQ FT Home Dehumidifier that sits in the room my tent is in. I have a small dehumidifier inside on the floor of my tent. I purchased a new window unit yesterday that even has the dehumidifier setting that il run. I got three rectangle openings on three sides of the tent that are open. I got my Infinity fan at top speed constantly. It’s exhausting in the half separated bathroom of the room my tents in.
I’m using ice bottles that I change out every four hours or so to keep my Temps below 68 in the resevoir.
I’m still new at this. It’s not my first grow however it is my first rdwc grow. I didn’t really expect to see autos respond so well. They really are bushy too. I think that’s what’s driving my humidity up so high but I read everywhere about how touchy auto plants are with defoliation. Also they have begun to flower now.
So this is where I’m at. I will include some pics with this so you can see my descriptions. Again to any who can help thanks a whole lot.

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what is the Rh (lights on / lights off)
And to be sure, this is a 4" exhaust?

With lights on it lingering around 75 they are on a timer 18/6 and go off while I’m asleep so not sure about rh with lights off. It is a 4 inch I was just looking at the 6 inch thinking that may help. It’s driving me nuts!!! Lol

IMO, if I am trying to lower the temp and Rh, I would replace the electric sources of dehumidifying with natural dehumidification. This will lower my temps and make the area more controllable with a happier electric Bill. Happy growing and good luck!

Also, feed and let settle in dark outside of tent, if possible. Hope that helps or gives you a good idea!

I offered 90, the 95 and they went for it. Totally happy with my 6" that included filter
or just fan
fan only

@Wagsweed78 did you remember to leave a 1/4 inch gap between that vapor barrier insulation and your res and pots?

Vapor barrier insulation works great but it requires a gap between the insulation and the insulated object otherwise it will cause extra condensation and increase humidity. Good call on the vapor barrier insulation though. Definitely great for a hydro grow because they don’t mold or mildew. Just to be certain do you have the poly bubble style?

Other than adjusting the insulation the only other suggestion I have is to add a salt bucket system or a big bag of rice in your tent to help pull more moisture out of the air since your dehumidifiers aren’t doing the trick.

I do have the poly Bubble style to answer your question. I also doubled it all the way around the buckets and resevoir. And yea its not tight against the buckets. I ordered the 6 inch fan and filter that will be here Thursday. I’m hoping it will help. Thanks for your input.