Temperature inside tent

What would be the best position for fans inside my little tent . I just can’t get it right .

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there is no RIGHT…
Your exhaust fan is the main temp and Rh controller. The internal fans are just give a breeze to help the stems / branches be a little stronger
My thoughts (and EVERYONE will have different thoughts) were to set up my exhaust fan OUTSIDE the tent. You exhaust from the top, bring in fresh air from the bottom (helps with temp, Rh and CO2). I hung a simple
HoneyWell off the ceiling bars of my tent
a 6" clipon on the upright tent pole
I made a trellis frame out of schedule 40 pvc, added 4 pc 12v fans (usb) and ran 2 in series x2 to a usb plug convertor. I can swivle the fans and placed them on the horizontal bars so I can either have the fan exhaust them (like when you dry) or breeze on them just by twisting the rod till the fan is in the position I want. More than enough fan motion in my tent (32 sq ft floor, 7’ tall)


Done :white_check_mark:

Quick…nice…now move the fan from the lower left corner and hang it directly overhead or above the light blowing upward…

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I have very good suction … look , I placed the flexible right on top of the lamp . I got a good 5 degrees reduction


Great! I ordered an extension…it goes from the driver to the light. My extensions are 6 feet. It allowed me to mount my driver OUTSIDE my tent, reducing heat even more. Good idea to place the exhaust vent right above the light. Have you thought of a booster fan? It goes in the lower intake vents and is just a great addition to a tent at a very low cost. It will suck in external air like a positive action that will help airflow. Then your small fan can be used as a breeze maker for your plants


Moving the driver outside the grow reduces you heat out put from the light by close to 1/2. Once you can control your temp to within a deg or 2 without constantly exchanging the air you can start to control your VPD, which will make your grow even better and more efficient.

First now find the grows natural balance point, the temperature and humidity it wants to stay at, and then begin adjustments.

There is no set way, every single grow is as unique as the person growing. I personally have to have my exhaust fan inside the grow, due to infrastructure and space. You’ve got a great set up, now the HARDEST part, patience.

Hey Mike @Mrb53004 where did you purchase the extension. I’d like to do that to bring temp down.

Thanks & happy 420

I went online and google searched it. Type in the description and look at images. You can even try by looking at manufacturer and adding - power cord extension for …marsxxx…something like that

That sounds great ! I’ll look for something low speed and continuous , I think an in-line will be to much … thoughts?

something cheap like:
In-Line fan

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Thats the fan i use in the colder weather. it dosnt move a whole lot of air, but very useful.