Tell me this isn’t a male, please

I’m posting pics of a sour diesel autoflower just a day into week 13. When I bought the seeds they were all feminized. I checked earlier when I first started seeing flowers start and didn’t think I had any males. Tending them tonight and I see what looks like little pods on one of the plants. It has a ton of flower on it. I am wondering if this is a hermie or are these lumps just new buds starting out? I took it out of the tent for now. All help is appreciated.


looks like a girl to me…

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Think I may have panicked. I did some more research since posting. I guess the females are pointy when first developing a flower. The males are round and without pistils?


You got a female yet it looks like it may have been pollinated… check for sacs and nanners!

take a peak


4/4 auto plants I have grown from HGCC have had this and at harvest I haven’t found a seed…yet. Looks like a healthy female, my friend!


@Mrb53004 my first auto hermi on me and didn’t look like the picture they will have 1 sac but on multiple branches correct me if I’m wrong

The growths in both of those pics are called the calyx. Male and female both have them but there’s a couple things to look for to tell the difference.

Female calyxes (first set of pics) will grow tight to the crotch and they’ll have 2 little “pistil” hairs coming out of them. Male calyxes will be attached by a little stem, so they look like little balls dropping out of the crotch.

I find hermaphrodites almost always have a single male flower like that on the main chunky stem nodes. That is a perfect example of it. Under and not in the flower. When they are up in the flower it is usually more of a nanner or rodelization scenario going on (Fem seeds). Those hermies often have great looking female pistols growing up in the flower tops. But back of those main stem nodes you get a single flower (or 2) like that. That’s a classic sign of a hermaphrodite. The males will stack balls all up and down the stem and just like a female.

@Noddykitty can a hermi spread pollen in a whole grow area or will it just self pollenate itself?

It is mind blowing how much pollen can come from one single sac…unless you want seeds, and then those seeds grow plants with hermie traits…pluck the bugger…
lets see a pic of the top of the plant…

I actually got rid of that one but I found another one that had a sac that I removed but 2 more grew I’m going to toss it out also

both of these are going to the yard

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Very nice looking plants…Remember, if moving from indoors to out, you need to temper them. If you just stick them outside, exposed to the natural elements and the sun, they will stress out and possibly die. You need to condition them to the sun, a couple / few hours a day until they HARDEN.
If they are already outdoor plants, well, as Rosanasandana says…“nevermind”


I can’t take anymore chances I already got screwed on my first crop out they go @Mrb53004

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These look female to me you want to look for little sacs hanging of the flower sites

These are girls…but that doesn’t mean you cannot have a male sac here and there. It can also be a swollen pistil sac (female). Either way, unneeded so inspect carefully, at every node, and pluck them if and when you find them.
Realize this…as we grow, and if our grows get larger or thicker, it makes it more difficult to FIND hermies, nanners and male sacs that HIDE OUT.
Water kills pollen so mist your plants with a foliar spray before lights on (not off so mold does not develop)

A single sac will NOT RUIN an entire plant…unless you have a LOT OF air circulation, pollen usually falls DOWN…Only a few buds get pollinated. It is not like pollen hits a female and the whole plant gets seeded…only the buds that get fertilized
It is a part of the process…we get them, we get some seeds…here and there
It is OK…not the end of the world for your beautiful girls…
If you do take them outside, MAKE SURE you TEMPER THEM …


This gives me a sigh of some relief but I’m not taking any chances I’ll keep them in the closet grow area for now

seven acres from one plant

Need to look for nanners also if your getting sac on female

Its a female look at pistols at nodes.