Teeny tiny bugs 😱

I got plants 1 week old happy frog soil and I’ve got teeny tiny bugs in the soil. What is this and how do I get rid of them? Someone please help.:scream:

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Get a tuna can fill it 50/50 with apple cider vinegar and water with a couple drops of dish liquid., stick it on top of your soil without spilling it. Get some sticky traps., probably shipped soil contaminated with fungas gnat larvae…:sunglasses:


I will try that. Thank You so much

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Thank You again! It is the soil

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Unfortunately this did not work so well.Sure it got rid of a few in the fly trap but that’s it.In spite of it the plants are doing great! I really need to rid these pests before moving to the next tent.They are staying in the soil. Can anyone help?

Azamax to the soil and @Mrb53004 no-mo-mold. Cover top inch of soil with garden sand or fine rock. Happy growing!

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First thing, make sure you’re allowing the soil to dry back a bit between waterings. They can be an indication that your RH is staying too high.

A couple other options I’ve heard of but not yet tried:

  • Top dressing with neem seed meal
  • Using beneficial predator nematodes

You can try to put a layer of sand, get some BT, use D.E. make sure to wear a mask so you dont inhale any. Plenty of other options as well.:sunglasses:, make sure not to overwater., remove the top inch of soil or at least till it around…

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What is BT? What is D.E.?

Hi! https://www.diatomaceousearth.com/
Happy growing!

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BT is bacteria that is specifically targets certain problems (mold, insects) and doesn’t harm the beneficials

Thank You Mike
Where do I find that

You can get it from eBay or Amazon plus many other sites hope this helps

Thank You For the info Reed

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Do you have a product name

Kelp4less.com is what brand i use some of the other growers might other brands

Thanks again Reed I’ll give that a shot

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@sweetnsassy :v::slightly_smiling_face: BTi Internet_20210907_120745_3 20210907_120825 there’s a video

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