Talk about your first time…

I’m at least three weeks away from my very first harvest. I’m getting some fat sticky buds already and I want to eat them.

How the heck did you guys get through it? And more importantly, how was it indulging in your own homegrown for the first time?

I want to hear stories. Im bored and super excited and just…. !!! You gotta know what I mean….


@CurrDogg420 Ahhh….my very first time…. It was a dark stormy night…lol Really though , it felt so rewarding! I’ll admit, it was sooo hard not to snip a little just to try. I just kept telling myself it’ll be so much better if I just wait. When the day finally came I couldn’t wait to start cutting them down and seeing how much I had grown myself was a very proud moment. Each grow gets better and better. Here’s to your first harvest !!!


When I was a teen I’d start 6-10 seedlings in my parents attic or out in the barn every spring. And around June I’d snuggle them out to the Capitol forest on my beat up old dirt bike, plant them, and then return in late August. I’d chop down whatever had grown, dry it in 3-4 days, and smoke all my friends out immediately. We’d be “sorta” high for a couple of weeks and that was it. Homegrown rag weed.
Years later I would get pretty good out producing slightly above average smoke outdoors but still… average at best.
Now, 50 years later I’ve started more serious and patient indoor growing. On my third harvest now and have learned to be patient to start, patient to grow, patient to coddle them, patient to dry, and patient to cure.
The yields are ok but the quality is staggering. More than anything, the experience … the moments… the enjoyment for the process… has been amazing. The discipline has not only paid off but it’s bled over into other parts of life. I appreciate the “effort” required and the fruits of my labor to sound absolutely corny.

All of that however… and I’m still anxious as fuck for the end result lol. I don’t even smoke anymore so my anxiety has to wait for feedback from family and friends lol.
My retired physicist friend telling me he smoked my last harvest and could “feel” the dark matter… was the most rewarding feedback ever lol.
I think I’ll keep trying😬


:rofl: Awesome! Yeah I’m hoping for those kinds of results. Like to where I’m having a psychic connection with my dogs “I know what they’re thinking, man!” :joy:

Thanks for the story!

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Man my first time i grew out three seeds from some crappy brick swag and got two males and a hermie (i dont really count that as first,i knew they would be crap but had to try). Second time around i got some killer seeds(jack frost) from a dude in the UK i met on overgrow back in like,2001. Grew some out and it destroyed me and my buddies. Found my own pic on lefly but cant prove its mine. The scars on my hand that i still have were a dead give away,owell. I was at work,fam was helping me move,sister found the seeds and tossed all of em.

Been growing ever since. Im not a patient man,but i am when it comes to weed lol.

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Great story! Until the seeds got tossed. :grimacing:

I’m sure the patience part will come easier once I’ve got some jars filled up. Right now (literally, in fact) we’re buying them at the dispensary. Not cheap.

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Man once you dial in your set up,forget the dispensery! Your own smoke will blow you away! I wish you the best my friend!

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I was renting a house back in my 20’s. I had just cleaned some brick weed and threw the stems and seeds out the back door where someone had a rabbit cage, evidenced by the pellets covering the ground. It wasn’t long before I had babies popping up. I had almost a dozen plants. I never got to harvest and enjoy them because a “friend” pulled them up one night during a dry spell. They must have been decent, he never said otherwise, and he would have. I just started my second run in decades. The first was well received by family so I invested in a grow tent and accessories and the plants are growing much faster and denser than before so I am expecting great things this time around.

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Did they have any buds on them? Or did your “friend” end up with just leaf?

My friends and I would roll up Cheech and Chong style joints from that stuff back in the day. The leaves came from a friends dad who grew outdoor every year. He always grew the best stuff too. I remember one that tasted like carrots - one pinner joint ended up getting 6-7 of us totally ripped.

For mischief we used to toss our seeds in the library and courthouse flower beds. Don’t know if any ever came up.

Nah, they were only about halfway through veg. If he got high it wasn’t far off the ground. LOL We used to put seeds in the big planters on downtown streets late at night but nothing ever grew because the soil was so dead, I think.

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Back in the day when weed was full of seeds you could find plants growing on the road side .