Switching back to veg After one week into flower suggested or not

Is it possible to kick a photo Back in to veg after only one week in to flower without having to worry about it hermaphroditing on you

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Anything is possible. I’ve done it before with success, probably 70% of the time, if I sit and think about it.

But I will be taking a chance if I decide to do this

1 week you should be fine, Why may I ask ?

little bit of defoliation and she just looks like some of the branches could be a little stronger and maybe even stretch a little bit more since I noticed immediate growth within the first couple days of flowering or would you just suggest letting her go and finish out the cycle I wish I could upload pictures but for some reason this site not letting me Right now

She will double in size I would Run It and keep a journal and make a note of that. Then Compare at the end of the Run.

Thanks guys nice to have other opinions I was kind of leaning towards letting her go myself because I know she’s going to get a lot bigger but you always second-guess things

Will post pics. As soon as it lets me

I have NO clue why its stopping you. Your trust level is more than adequate according to the system. What notification is it giving you when you try to post. And I assume your on mobile?

File to big but I’m not doing anything different mobile

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I’ve been having the same problem lately!

It’s been doing this for a couple days