Super soil versus liquid nutes

Hi All :wave:Newbie here Quick question on using super soil versus Regular soil with liquid nutes. Which would best for autos ? Super soil sounds easier but not sure it’s the best option

Thx Sm

Super soil is better. Mixing high powered natural soil components has a much more forgiving margin of error than pouring in a bunch of concentrated extracted liquid into dirt. Is it the correct balance? Is it well mixed? It’s much easier to get it right building super soil from good compost and animal shit and worms.


I agree Thanks for your input I appreciate it

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Where do we buy Super Soil? Is that a brand name?

Yeah I would love to know what “super soil” exactly is?

Sorry for delay. I’m just getting to research super soil brand I’ve come at nature living , Cali super soil are the main ones, tbh no clue how well they work tho.

There are numerous recipes for super soil on the web, just search for super soil cannabis and you should be able to find an explanation of what ingredients are in each and why those are good for cannabis.

I enjoyed growing organically when first starting out but never got the bulk I wanted. I switched to advanced nutrients micro, grow and bloom trio and I couldn’t be happier. It has been fairly easy to add and forgiving with adding too much. I recommend this product line with voodoo juice and b-52 in veg and big bud and overdrive in flower. Can use bud candy or molasses for sugars. Happy growing.
EDIT: I haven’t tried this product line on anything but feminized seeds, no autos.