Sugar leaves yellowing

I have an auto on day 71, due to harvest in 10-15 days. I had to leave her for a week, and when I got back she was showing some issues.

I’m not too concerned about eh fan leaves, since she’s close to harvest. But i noticed sugar leaves are also yellowing and are brittle.

Can anyone help diagnose?
I think potassium deficiency, based on some research.

This late in the grow I am just going to feed it a tea, and hope it doesn’t get worse.

Any thoughts of advice?

If you are only looking at 10 to15 days you should be fine. Water when needed. She is at the end of her life and some yellowing can be expected.

@DojaGrow that’s potassium deficiency and cal/mag deficiency.

If you use a tea just do a light tea with some potassium and micros.

Just a splash of liquid kelp and molasses with some calmag in a gallon so things don’t get worse and it doesn’t affect the flush.