Sudden yellowing from center of leaf

Watered plants 4 days ago, all are doing well except for the one pictured, 2 day’s ago it started and this is what it looks like on morning of day 5. The plants are at the first/second week of bloom on schedule, I have increased phosphorus some is the only change in feeding. Have done some research and found nothing they helps or points to a answer. If all plants would have had a reaction I would think I had over watered or chem. This is one of four of same species’s out of 8 plants, all the other plants do not show problems

Hi @potisok it could be a iron deficiency but when I zoom in I can see fast growth so it could be it will turn green as it catches up…she does not look unhealthy to me

Thank you for your help and advice, peace and hope you have a great day.

When iron is an issue, in addition to tops turning yellow, so do some inner leaves. Zinc deficiency also makes tops yellow. Simple solution, cut off tops (where the green leaves usually are), soak in water (make a tea) and feed. Strawberries are RICH IN ZINC