Stunting purple veins & stems very light green

I was informed to test waist water & it was 2200ppm which I thought odd as I’ve never fed over 1400ppm, Ive since flushed back to 700ppm. What ppm should my next mix be at after a problem like this & would this be why they are stunted & oddly coloured?. Cheers

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One of the best people here on the site to ask is MDBUDS. His knowledge is off the charts
Purple / Red stems…
The pH being too high or too low at the roots is the most common reason to see a nutrient deficiency
Magnesium deficiency can cause purple stems. A good cannabis-friendly [nutrient system has a significant amount of magnesium, but if you’re using very soft water, or RO water, you may need to add Cal-Mag to your nutrient regimen.
Temperature– Heat or especially cold can trigger red stems in some places. Big temperature fluctuations can also do it even if the temperature is in a good range.
Humidity – Very high or low humidity can stress plants (especially young seedlings)
Other types of stress such as light burn, shock, or overwatering can trigger red stems
Since there is a 2200ppm run off result, it means that there is an issue in your medium. Did you do a check TDS and PH o your cocoa? Certain vendors have poor substrate materials and you have to flush them and adjust the ph before use. Perlite - some perlite has nutrients, like Miracle grow, infused into the perlite.
Nodes- that is a different issue. Nodes can be close due to :GENETICS, TOO MUCH BLUE LIGHT spectrum, light distance, temps. As long as she’s healthy, I would disregard the light green color.
If there is a nutrient problem, thatcould explain almost all of this
This is the point would ask a hydro grower ( I prefer soil) what they recommend. Especially MDBUDS


@Mrb53004 thanks man. I appreciate it.

@Digzy the first thing to look at is the strain as far as the coloring and nodal spacing. If it’s a fast version indica they naturally have tight nodal spacing regardless of lighting and they are bred using ruderalis genes just like autos so they can get the purple veins and stems just from genetics.

@Mrb53004 is also right about calcium and magnesium deficiency causing the purple stems. Magnesium deficiency can also stunt growth and cause that tighter nodal spacing and keep your stems soft and rubbery. They don’t harden and stiffen up without the right levels of calcium and magnesium. He’s also right about Temps. Temperature effects the color as well as how the plant takes up nutrients at the root zone and ph fluctuations.

As far as your ppms it sounds like you are feeding too much and you aren’t allowing the PH in your res to fluctuate enough to give the plant better access to all nutrients. With hydro you want your PH for feedings to fluctuate between 5.8 and 6.8 as different nutrients become more bioavailable at different ph ranges. If having cal mag issues ph to between 6.5 and 6.8 for a cal mag feeding as calcium and magnesium both have higher bioavailablility close to neutral ph.

Another thing with hyrdo and salt build up is if you keep getting high run off readings you need to flush and start fresh with lower feedings. I’d personally bring my feedings down to 500 ppm and only increase to 700-750 ppm veg feedings if deficiencies start happening. Feed less frequently too. You don’t need to feed every watering. Plain waterings also help allow the PH to fluctuate in the substrate for better nutrient uptake. Late veg and flower 900 to 1500 ppm depending on how hungry the plant is.

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Thanks very much for your knowledge guys , i will be considering it all & will let you know how it turns out & what ended up working. :v:t3: