Stunted seedlings update

These seedlings are both close to 19 days of life since sprouting.

It’s hard not to compare their growth progress to some of the other explosive grows I’ve seen with the same strain.

It’s tangerine dream autoflower from growers choice.

I’ve tried recently keeping them in a humidity done. Close to 4 days now while allowing a few hours of fresh air per 24 hours. and they seem to be making very slow progress.

I had a male auto show much faster growth within the same conditions inside the tent without a dome.

67-80 F average

45-60 RH

Very Light misting in the morning. Then root watered a few squirts from a bottle ph 6.3 aquarium water every few days.

They appear healthy. Maybe some slight reverse canoeing of the leaves in the smaller one. Meaning it’s shaped as an upside down canoe, but very minimal. This really only becomes noticeable when I remove the dome.

I’ve raised the tents humidity to 50-60 RH and temps are 70-80 now.

I suspect stunted growth from RH or temp.

Live soil , added bigger perlite , very small amounts of slow release amendments, bat guano , oyster shell, and Gaia green vegetative blend.

How do I help these children.

Thinking about adding some (airstoned) lol , and black molasses treated water to some feedings ? Microbial problems possibly?

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Looks like you made up those stands to get em off the floor. :+1: I think you were on the money about the temp being the slowdown. It’s going to take a few days to start seeing a change. They otherwise look to be in perfect health. It’s a patience game sometimes.