Stretching Stage

So ive heard the stretching phase last 14 days and ive also heard it last 21 days. Im sorta leaning towards the 21 days due to the fact that my girls are still growing :grimacing: and im running out of vertical space. Might have to throw another net on. Does anyone know the exact time or is it different for each strain?

Different for each strain. Genetics step in and Indica and Sativa have very different growth patterns. Nutrients and environment can change that grow pattern even on the same strain. Haven’t you ever grown 2 plants of the same strain and they grow differently in the same environment using the same materials? I was explaining to DMT about scrog trellis. I grew GG4 pheno, set up my nets and 50% way overgrew the nets. I had to add second net and yoyo’s to support the colas. You have to remember, hybrids, like people, have a variety of genetic factors. Some can happen early, some late and some not at all. We approximate flower grwo time based on genetics as a guideline, not gospel


That definitely makes sense. Its just amazing how they double in size in no time

I am boggled in the mind by the explosive nature of stretch. It was always an issue when I was a large producer. Much easier to control in a smaller environment. It is like corn, you can hear and see it grow if you sit on the front porch in front of a cornfield

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People dont believe that, they have never heard it happen, but it’s real. Large enough corn fields affect the local weather due to the corn sweat increasing humidity.

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@Rye This is so VERY true! Where I live this comes into effect often in the deep rural areas. Weird but so very true. Temps in large agricultural fields can be up to 20degree F difference than surrounding suburbs.