Stretching pre-flowering

Good Morning - quick question:

  • Will plant slow in growth before stretch?

Not sure of this question. Stretching happens from low light. It usually occurs in the seedling stage because of inadequate light or light too high (most common).

In my case, there is not much to recover. I accept that I will have a long, lanky plant until harvest.
Once I had an entire crop badly stretched. My plant looked more like grape vines. I actually looped them completely around so they would fit in the tent. Yields will be lower due to the more energy to get the goodies up to the buds but you will still see a yield.
I LST’s mine to get the plan to lay much on its side to reduce the lift.
If I remembered correctly, I averaged about 2oz per plant which is about half of what I had gotten for the same cultivar not stretched. But it smoked well and not every drop is a grandslam.

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I hadn’t noticed any slow down prior to the pre-flower stretch! But they can double their water intake and root expansion during stretch. :yin_yang:

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