Strawberry Cough

Hi everyone on tonight. I’m getting ready to start my 2nd grow and I have purchased and plan to grow Strawberry Cough from you, 2 questions, At 1 place one you website it says Strawberry Cough is great for beginners and at another place it says it isn’t, which is correct. 2nd question any extra tips for great plants and a huge yield. Growing in a 4’x4’ tent with a Sun System 315 CMH.

Thanks and I hope everything is/has worked itself out

I really want to run a strawberry cough fem and want it to be my next. I’m about to order some now. Is love to compare grows

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I’m starting that grow in about a week. Going to start 4 Strawberry cough (best I’ve ever had) and 4 Rosenthal’s. The description made both my wife and I want to try it. They should be compatible as both are heavy feeders that like it warm without too much humidity.

I’m about 2-3 weeks from harvesting my 1st grow. 3 Royalty Trees from Archive seed bank. They came highly recommended from the local shop that got me set up.

Will definitely keep you posted as things get going. Good luck with your grow. I’ve ordered from Homegrown twice. Both time everything arrived in under 2 weeks


Pretty proud of my 1st grow


I got strawberry cough going right now I just flipped to flower but so far they are growing fast also have 4 more ready to flower in another week but so far pretty impressed

@Dkershey1 lets see some pictures of your grows haven’t seen any

I crossed strawberry cough to a Durban poison I have had forever. I was trying to speed it up a little in flower. I Need to run it a few more times to make up my mind on the pheno hunt (faster flower pheno)but the smoke is pretty awesome. It taste like sandalwood and fresh strawberries.

I have found strawberry cough to be a bit slow outdoor. And the strawberry terp doesn’t flavor up until close to the end in my experience. With out the strawberry all you are left with is the cough. Durban is the fastest outdoor Sativa I have ever put in the dirt so it seemed like a good choice.


How does it smoke? Any updates.? Those are some pretty looking flowers.

My girls are about 2 weeks into flower just starting to show some white hairs so I think business is about yo pick up the next few weeks but what you hot in the pic looks AWESOME man … Good Job

It smoke amazing. Dense and sticky buds that burns very evenly in a joint. I ended up with 6.32oz from 3 1/2 plants after drying, curing, sampling and gifts, I am pumped I did this well on my 1st grow.
I’ve got 2 White Widow autos and 4 Jack Herer autos (all from Homegrown) that just started flowering. I wanted a fast crop after the 1st grow taking 6 months total. After these finish, I will finally start my Strawberry Cough and Rosenthal (how could you read that description and not want to try it) grow.


That sounds like an excellent cross. I’ve never tried Durban Poison, but have always wanted to, It is legendry. Some fresh Strawberry Cough is the best dope I have ever smoked, so I am really pumped to grow it. I live in Virginia, where it became legal to grow your own last July 1 and now I have the chance to grow and try all the different strain I’ve read about. What a great retirement hobby

How did your grow go. I finally started my SCs yesterday.

Its going GREAT as of now prob have a cpl weeks of flower left but its getting close to harvest NO BETTER feeling then getting the seeds in the ground and know it won’t be long you’ll see the fruits of your labor :grinning: keep me in the loop of how yours are going I have about 6 more already veg about ready to flower as soon as I harvest this crop…

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