Strains in Missouri

Have not been on here for a while health stuff. Does anyone know what photo/fem strains would do well in Missouri?

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@MoOG I am not sure when cold temperatures set in there, but if you want a potent cultivar Bruce Banner Fast Version is a great one and it has a short flower time. Shishkaberry fem is a good one, too. Good luck and enjoy.

I have been told that the bubblegum strain originated in Indiana. As the article states, the harvest season in the Midwest increases flowering cannabis’ susceptibility to mold. A strain that is resistant would help. If you are farther south, it will not be such an issue. In Illinois, it can be an issue. Happy growing!

Depends on what you like to smoke.

A good sativa dom short finisher that’s mold and mildew resistant and can usually take the cold is Jack Herer.

A good indica would be white widow.

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Thanks, how about rain and heat of over 100 degrees. High humidity here and when it rains here in late spring early summer we are talking an inch or 2.

High humidity is fine in veg, the 100+ weather can cause airy buds in flower. A shaded area helps during the hotter parts of the day. Is it standing water around the plants when it rains?

They can both handle the high summer heat and humidity in veg. Flower they can too but they can get larfy with excessive heat in flower. If you’re running it outdoor with the short season you will be fine usually.

I only had one white widow run get botritis here but we had a late fall rain just before harvest and it was only 1 of 6 plants. It was one of the years we had some fall floods.

I decided to run. Jack Herer as it is one of my favorite strains. They will be in 5 gal buckets that have drainage. They will be on pallets so a few inches above ground. The area is secure and I can cover easily if we get hard rain and it catches a good breeze usually.


I’ve tried a lot of Ilgm strains and have had no troubles with them. Some people say there inferior but I’ve had the best of luck. The white widow is/was some of the best I’ve ever tried. And a good price point on the beans