Steves Dream Queen

This is my first post and second grow. Great seeds. Found these seeds I had while preparing for my White Truffle Ice Creams to arrive.They expired according to the date on package.A little germ genie and a quart of water, soaked overnight. Use paper, towel and plate method and they popped in 24 hours. What more can you ask for. Great seeds. I’m at 75F 60% LMK thoughts and welcome suggestions. Not sure if looking good or great?


Grown her several times… She’s a beautiful plant… Very vigorous, nice structure, leaf to flower ratio, and stacks diamonds if her stems have the room. Fairly easy grow as long as you respect her as a sativa. Looks like you’re off to a great start :).

They did well in 5 gal fabric from me… Just keep the light and nutes easy on them till they get closer to flipping or her roots will fill the containers by then. 45 day flip is about perfect for her and then in flower shell take a lot of food or a hefty top dress… Guessing you’ll be feeding in water soluble as doesn’t look like a lot of room left for top dressing… For me she definitely likes the nutes later on or you could pop a few nanners if you stress her too early.

Enjoy the grow!


Thanks, using the organic grow pack again. This is only my second successful (so far anyway) grow. New to the game and learned a lot on this site.