Stem size of seedlings

My seeds germinated and began to grow nicely. However, after a few weeks of growth, the stem width has not increases in size-about the size of angel hair pasta. The leaves are growing and become to heavy for the thin stem to support. The plant falls over and dies. Any suggestions, please.

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Hi @Billk !

Nice to meet you!! Do you have fans blowing gently with a purpose across the stem area? That’s how they are strengthened. Try this link for a start.

Outside of that, what are you growing?

Looking forward to your grow! :v:

Hi kmac03
Thanks for your reply. I haven’t used fans. I germinated the seeds in pods and then transplanted them to pots with potting soil. I transplanted some of the seedlings to my outside garden when the leaves got pretty big. I’ve planted three varieties: Critical Blue, Bruce Banner x White Russian and Blue Dream. All Fem.

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We get weak / lanky stems for only a couple of reasons. Seeds need nothing more than water for at least 3 weeks. If you place a seedling in a nutrient rich soil, and it is too hot, not enough light…the plants will stretch…If there is a lot of N, they can overshoot. GA (gibberelic acid) will also cause stems to stretch. We overcome by: add some mulch material (like coco, peat, even crumpled paper, dry leaves between the soil and just under the first set of leaves for support. The fan (air movement) helps strengthen stems. Some even use toothpicks, chopsticks, and pipe cleaners to make a support loop. I like adding mulch the best…water from the outer edges. I do not wet the mulch at the stem, I usually get stem rot. I still think it is a LIGHT issue. You could use a BLUE light (cheap 75w bulb) for a while before you transplant to help the plant thicken


Thanks Mike. I’ll make the adjustments and try again. Meanwhile, I’ll report back on the plants that are still surviving.