Starting to feel a little frosty

What’s up guys, it’s been a while since I checked in. 2 of my ladies just hit day 60 with another one right behind at day 50. I wanted to see what you guys think. I think they look awesome minus how small they stayed. The 2 oldest are a white Widow and lemon Haze. The Widow has a lot of amber and some nice dense buds so I wanted to see what timeline I might be looking at for harvest. ThanksUploading: CM210224-090314001.jpg... Uploading: CM210224-090654004.jpg… Uploading: CM210225-033758006.jpg…

Uploading: CM210225-033601003.jpg…


Hy Chris, missed ya…getting down to the homestretch…time to get the spring plantation up and going
What ya plannin to grow for the next run?

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Hey Mike,
I’m honestly not sure, I’m a little concerned about how much the heat will affect my thermostat and tent temp

I have the same concerns. Gets hot here in the desert…go with strains that can handle the heat
I set my exhaust fan to come on at 80f…got plenty air circulation…what grows, grows…Go with quick autos to finish before the blistering summer heat comes rolling in. Last year, we had a 3+ week heatspell of over 115f…fried almost everything. I am going to try and go dormant for august

Damn, that’s hot. I’ve got the humidity here and I’m working with a 4" fan that might be getting upgraded soon. I did theath and thought it was appropriate but with some way warm weather I see its not

Hey with the pics I sent, should I start flushing my plants?

your pics are closeups and I cannot see the trichomes so not sure. They look like they could use some fattening up. If you can get down close, maybe we can see the trikes and make a call. Looking at the pistils, they are brown enough…are you getting new white pistils? If not, you should be about 2 weeks out.
If that is the case, start some COLD water flush…like 50/45 degrees…it should cause the buds to swell a little and maybe add little more color. I would cold water shock …like watering for a week -10 days…then flush - regular temp water for a day or 2 only, dry for a few days and dark store for 2/3 days …trim, hang, dry…cure, enjoy

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Awesome, thanks man. I’ll try and get a closer pic of the trichomes. Most seem to have turned but I’m not sure with the cloudiness.

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Hey Mike, I tried to get a closer shot. What do you think?

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Do you mind couchlock? easy 2, maybe 3 weeks more…Lets peek again in 10 days
Are you still getting new / white pistils?

I prefer a more active experience but a nice couch lock after a long day is nice too. I think it’s still producing white pistols. Ill check back next week. Thanks man