Starting my first grow next week!

First time grower here going to be sowing my first seeds next week! Growing indoors in a 4x4 by AC Infinity. Any and all advice or knowledge or anything is much welcomed and appreciated! I am still a little iffy on where to have my environment for each stage of life. Growing photos BTW, if anyone has any advice! :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Welcome and happy growing friend!! If you could give some more exact info on lighting, environment, pots, soil or whatever, and also what strain we could probably point you in the right direction a little easier.


Sure! Haven’t fully got everything figured out as of yet as far as settings and all that jazz. But gonna be starting with 2 Blue Dream fem and 2 Jack Herer fem. Using all AC Infinity, 4x4 tent, IONBOARD S44 LED Grow Light Board 400W, and 5 gal fabric pots as final home pots. Starting with Foxfarm light warrior seed starter soil and Foxfarm Ocean forest for the 5 gal pots. Probably going to be mixing in the ocean forest just judging by what I’ve been reading on it. Honestly right now I am just trying to figure out what kind of temp/humid. to dial in for each particular stage and all that jazz. Any and all advice welcomed! :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

Just started an indoor grow myself. Not my first but still learning. My .02 is make sure you have a bright enough light. But also make sure your tent temps don’t get above 80° 85 or so. I had to get a different light myself because of that. Make sure your watering with proper pH water. Cannabis likes no higher than 6 or 7. Gets some nutes but keep it simple. I like grow dots for autos at least. And one more thing don’t Harvest too early. I’m still working on that lol! When you think it’s ready to harvest wait two more weeks!

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Ok, I hope you haven’t already but I had some trouble with Light Warrior for starting seedlings. I almost killed 3 plants, they all turned yellow and almost died. In order to correct this problem I did a 50/50 mix of FF soil and the Light Warrior and it fixed the issue. You may not have the same problem but I have been using strictly FF everything since day one which was over 1.5 years ago now.

Keep your temps between 70 and 80 if possible for all phases. But if it is a little higher or lower its no biggie. In fact my tents get as hot as 90 some days, I can’t tell any difference from when I was keeping them at 75.

As far as humidity you want to start high for the seedlings and slowly drop. Like maybe 70% or so for seedlings, maybe 55-65 for veg then 45 - 55 during flower. I don’t worry about any of that as I have a perpetual grow so I have plants of all stages in my tent at all times.

About 90 percent of what you read online is just bro science, it is stuff people believe works but there is no real evidence to back it up. I know because I have pretty much tried everything and most of it is crap if you ask me.

I am currently growing my first photoperiod ever and a clone with great success. I am just doing what I do for my auto flowers and it is working great. She is currently at week 11 going on 12 since seed.

Going to be flipping her this weekend to flower. And here is the clone with all my autos the clone is the bottom right. Everything else is an auto except I have a oreos bag seed a buddy gave me that is a photo as well.

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Perfect! Everything you said…noted. thank you very much. Your ladies look great! Would love to eventually move up to figuring out a perpetual grow, but first just gotta get a grow or 2 under my belt lol. I’ll definitely post updates how things are going at some point! :call_me_hand::upside_down_face::call_me_hand:

How long does ocean forest take ya before you start feeding some nutes? Or can ocean forest take you through the full life?

You can use it through the entire grow and have good results, the main thing with starting out is keep it simple. It is soooo easy to overcomplicate things and really screw your grow up. I started on OF, now I use Strawberry Fields…and won’t settle for any other FF soil. If you are truly interested in growing FF, I have my whole system somewhere in here. I will try to find it and send you a link.

These soils are all previously amended, so you need to be careful when adding extra nutrients. I used to follow the schedule on their website. Now I follow what is on the bottles and it is different from the schedule. I used almost everything they have to offer, I now have it dialed in

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Perpetual grows are only possible with autos as far as I know because you never have to flip the light.

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