Starting Inside seedlings

So i bought some ethos auto seeds & i know i need to start them inside. I am planning on growing them outside though so I’m not trying to spend a lot on equipment for indoor grow. I am using what i have already & praying it’s gonna work. I have 2 250W cheap purple led grow lights that have timers on them, a space heater, a little fan. I have some “4 shot” soil & some plain soil with perlite & peatmoss that’s been baked to disinfect it. I was planning on using the disinfected soil for seedlings, but someone said i can just put them straight into the “4 shot” soil after germination & they won’t get burnt from nutrients in soil. Is this true? My main questions are… How do i take care of these girls inside?? With the lights??? How long should they be on them?? Watering?? Do i need humidity dome?? Do i spray them?? Do i need to keep space heater on in the room to keep it warm in room with bowls of water out?? Trying to go cheap route till i can put girls outside and let nature take control. Help me out.

@dolphinluvr as far as the soil I’ve never used 4 shot so I can’t really speak on it for being safe for seedlings.

As far as the lights they’ll do fine to start the autos. Just leave them on the veg setting on a 20/4 or a 24/0 schedule at the proper distance.

The seedlings will need between 75-90% humidity once started until they are big enough and strong enough to survive lower humidity levels. Investing in a hygrometer/thermometer would be beneficial so you can measure temp and humidity to gauge what you need to do. Humidity domes are extremely helpful for maintaining the proper humidity for germinating seeds and for young seedlings so use them definitely. Start with the vents on the top closed and as the plants grow slowly open the vents to allow more air in to adjust the plants slowly to lower humidity.

As far as watering when you start no more than an ounce or so at a time and when they sprout just water in a circle around them not directly into the roots. You can also mist daily if you’re more comfortable with that because you’re less likely to over water that way until they are ready to be watered as normal. I usually start watering with a shot glass. One at a time and I only add more when the soil gets dry and slowly increase as the plants get bigger.

Once the leaves reach the edge of the pots you can start saturating the pot and cycling wet to dry.

The space heater may or may not be necessary in the room. As long as temperature is over 65f in the room you start them in a heater is not necessary. If it falls under that at night only run the space heater at night.

Bowls of water in the room will help keep humidity up in your room if you have low humidity but you’d need to measure that with a hygrometer/thermometer.

They sell cheap hygrometer/thermometer combos on Amazon for around $10 and they work pretty good. I use them myself and they’ll do fine for a home grow.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

Happy growing. :v::call_me_hand:


If you don’t have thermometer hygrometers, might as well buy a six or ten pack of the little rectangular ones for like twenty bucks. I use them in the drying box, in curing jars, in the room the tent is in, and in the tent. They’re accurate enough (I opened six, they all agreed within a degree or one percent humidity. Plenty close enough).

Also, you’ll want one of these charts. Temp, rh, and phase of development all matter.


I will take all that advice. Thank you!

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I do have those from last year’s curing. :blush::+1: