Started new auto grow

My supply was starting to dwindle down so decided to do a run of autos , I will do some photo plants later this year so they finish up in the cooler months.

I got a little variety 4 Bruce banner, 4 green crack, 2 northern lights, 1 deelite and 2 AK-47. Trying some of the FOOP nutes on this grow to see how it does, so far the plants seem happy. I just transplanted them into pots on the 26th. I originally had 18 plants but gave 5 away to hopefully good homes. The most plants I had going at once was 14 split between a 4X4 and 3X3 tents. I don’t think I would have been able to manage all 18 in my current set up.

I will post more pictures along the way, Happy Growing everyone.




I have to go back and look at my pictures and get a timeline of how old these are now but 8 of the 13 are in pre flower now.


Looking good my man… tents gonna fill up fast :). Guessing the small pots probably triggered quickly. Gonna have to feed very regular now. Id probably lightly feed the small pots every second or third water.

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Here is an update, split the plants into two tents and realized since seedlings I hadn’t turned up the light intensity in my 4X4 tent, so I have that adjusted correctly now and have one plant that the buds are purple, that is the first time I have had that happen.