Started auto grow AGAIN !need advice

hi everyone,So I started an auto grow AGAIN I had 12 seeds total (that all died) due to mistakes,s etc…now I have 3 triple XL & 3 kush XL received them Mon. the 2nd started germ today ck’d they all have a 3/4 inch taproot will be planting them in their forever pots ( 5 gal. fabric )will be using coast of maine “super soil” & their seed starter mix . 1. I’m going to fill pots up to almost the top w/ soil ,2. Use a solo cup to make hole & refill hole w/ 50/50 mixture of super soil n seed starter mix, plant new seeds in about 1 - 2 inches under the soil & cover lightly & water w/ about a shot glass worth of water .And lastly , what p.h. should everything be ? water/soil ? thnx !!

How is the odor with the Coast or Main soil?

hi the odor is fine ,as far as the soil goes .not sure what you mean ?? I haven’t brought a grow to harvest yet w/ C.O.M. soil ,this will be my 1st grow w/ it .

some of the living soils smell like rotting flesh!

Oh,gotcha no it smells really good actually ,like really rich & dark soil .you know like how you’d imagine soil should smell like .

i really like it so far ,I used it for some photo grow’s i did ( but i had help w/ those ) this is my 1st grow on my own plus their auto’s .

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