Start flush or feed one more time?

These are from GDP at 49 days from light flip.

under a loup everything still looks clear. Should I withhold nutrients from here on out or feed one more time? @MDBuds @Mrb53004


My opinion…No more nutes. You have plenty of food in the leaves for her to feed off of. Clear to milky can happen in less than a week. If she starts feeding off the leaves, you will have less chlorophyll at cure time…
You could put her out at night to get some COLD shock…it will boost the terps. I am lucky as my weather is perfect right now for that. Last week pre harvest I put them outside. Yard is up to high70/low 80 day, 50-55 night. This is where I see my colors pop and GDP loves to show off her color.


I agree, just go with water from here on. Even if you start to lose some of the larger leaves, that’s a good thing.


@Mrb53004 @Rye Thats what I was thinking on the nutrients thought I would check first though as tomorrow is feeding day. They are all up through the netting so no moving outside. Dont really want to lower temperatures in grow room as I have other strains that take up to 10 weeks so cold shocking them right now might not be a good idea.


That is why I recommended putting her outside…if possible