Sowing a "Wild" Cannabis Patch

I’m thinking for next season of getting some regular seeds of an obscure landrace and see if I can get a self-sustaining weed patch to take hold in my yard. Not cultivated, no sinsemilla execution of the boys, just let nature take its course with the hope that the plants will establish themselves in the environment, create seeds and reproduce themselves (or with my help) for the following year. The plot I am thinking of is less than ideal, but gets enough sun that 6 decently healthy plants are generating a couple of ounces of buds in that spot this year.

Then continue to grow for “production” elsewhere in the yard.

I am looking at some semi-wild southern Africa sativa landraces that are hardy and disease-resistant, with strong head effects. Late flowering so the males won’t pollinate the autoflowers and earlier flowering strains I’ll put in the sunnier production area of my garden.

If I can generate enough seeds, the dream would be to plant them on my walks in town and hikes through the woods around here and introduce them as an invasive species. And, of course, give them away to friends.


@Bushdoc :v::laughing: Wild Wood Flower grew wild on the farm… and i was a Happy kid

That one takes me back lol, Jim Stafford Wildwood Weed (Jim Stafford) w/ lyrics - YouTube

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:v::laughing: it’s like a Gospel song to me