Sour Diesel/ Lemon Haze Diesel Day 16 (Flower)

How they look? This is day 16 flower. I put the 1st trellis net up on day 15 and not sure if I will put a second up… depends on the final stretch the next 10 days or so. I was pushing them a little hard and had a little tip burn on some fan leaves but that seems to remedied for the most part. Sour diesel in the middle and the Lemon Haze Diesel on either side (needed a sativa run) and am about out of SD in my stash. Picture is under lights at 90%. I have ran at 30-36" from seedling through veg from 40-70%. I just lowered lights to 26" for flower and will run at 100% starting day 29 and l will run at 22-24"

Ive got my RH down to a steady 48% for the rest of flower and temps 72-80. Final top dress in week 4 and pretty much watch the gurls grow.


More pictures

day 14

Day ll


They look very happy and healthy. Your stash will be full of sativa once again. Looks great.

Just getting it going so far so good :blush:


Day 20… The flowers are developing nicely but I need the right side of the tent to stretch and catch up. I had to rearrange the lighting so I could drop it down lower on that side. They seem happy and healthy so not gonna mess with them other than pushing fan leaves out the way.

Need this one to stretch

Sour Diesel

Lemon Haze Diesel



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End of week 5… Top dressed a at day 34 and just trying to get through the next three weeks without catastrophe.

Sour diesel day 35. This is the purplest flowers I’ve ever grown on SD.

Lemon Haze Diesel day 35. I would definitely like to see the buds on this one stacking up more but I am seeing lots of new white pistils coming out the sides now. Not impressed with this plant from HG… The plant is squat af and super sensitive compared to the sour diesel. I would much rather grow the super lemon haze and have to deal with all the pruning.