Some leaves seem to have holes. Even some start growing wierd

Very few leaves seem to have holes in them. Almost looks like bugs but i haven’t found any and its so minimal. I though light burn but the light has been good distance and some leaves have started there growth weird. I just would think if bugs would be more and would of seen them. I got one fly with apple cider vinegar and soap.

Spider mites are so small you can’t see with your eyes you have to look with jewelry loop to see them can you send pictures @Magus25227


You have to look for (and treat for) spider mites on the underside of the leaf.

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Actually now thinking there has been a bit more then very minimal. Thank you for the advice.

I looked closely at the picture more like tear then bug’s happy growing

Thank you. What could cause the tear. I use. Good ro system. I still wondered if it’s chlorine. Also I wondered if could be over saturating with folliar.

Possible in could be from that or humidity but when you moving around plants watering feeding trimming it not hard to tear leaves here and there @Magus25227

@Magus25227 Chlorine - if you are hand watering your plants, let the water sit overnight to let the chlorine release. When I empty my 5 gallon bucket, I rinse it out and fill it up so it’s ready for the next watering in a couple. If you have to change a big reservoir, have several buckets ready to pour in.

In the late summer/early fall, my girls would drink a quart a day, any more would flood, but they drank it. As it got colder, they drank that every 2, maybe 3 days sometimes. But never 5 or 6! Unless they are tiny in big buckets?

And I started using the molasses for them, add it in with my other nutes. After 3 waterings, I’d refill the last of the bucket with water and give them diluted. But that’s was week 6 to week 10 of a 12-week bud!

But that’s just me, I’m still re-learning this indoor stuff! It’s changed a lot since the late 80’s or so!

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@Magus25227 it’s nitrogen excess. You can tell those dark green leaves look super soft and malleable. They’ll start to turn a lighter shade of green soon and start coming in even softer. When you have high nitrogen the leaves are so soft they can get torn just from a fan on low and even just by brushing against another stem or branch. Even using a medium pressure mister/sprayer can tear holes in them. Even checking them with your fingernail can tear. One easy way to check is to fold a leaf. If it folds and doesn’t break too much nitrogen.

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There is definitely chlorine. Thank you.