Soil/ph question for a beginner

Okay, so I got my seeds today ( yay ), got the tent and 4 inch fan system ( vivsun air filtration kit and the tent is vivsun too I believe the 2x2x4 one) in my Amazon cart. Already have a 1000watt full spectrum grow light, im ordering the tent and fan in the morning and it comes in a day or 2 so I’m goina start germination, first question, what’s the best soil for a indoor setup? Easiest for a beginner to not mess up lol…. And second question, it might be stupid I apologize, but when we all talk about “ ph water” or “ adding or subtracting ph to water “ for the watering of the plants once there in the soil, are we talking like buying the bottled water that says “ ph balance water ph of 6.5” ( I find it at shoprite in a blue bottle) or are we talking about normal water, let’s say Poland spring, testing the ph with a ph tester, and having to buy the ph up or ph down ( guess in powder form ) to make it correct. I mean I did buy the 50$ “ starter nutrition pack “ they sell on the homegrown site, would that be enough? I planned on just ordering the stuff on Amazon , and watering it with purchased ph water. But from what I’m reading on here now it’s got me in a ph tizzy lol. I know it’s probly a simple answer, I just made it complicated. Thank you guys in advance and my girls will too!

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I’ll say something with minimal experience so take as you will. 1/3 Peatmoss 1/3 Worm Castings, 1/3 aeration (vermiculite/perlite/expanded clay). I use a combination of them as on hand. Make sure you get good peat moss. That should grow something if properly homogenized and supplementary fed.

Thank you so much! I’m heading over to my local garden store today to grab some stuff I’ll keep that in mind while asking the pros lol. Thanks again!

Yeah bagged super soil is good too. Easier and has pros and cons. My first soil grow was a random “organic” potting flower mix. It had good attributes and bad ones. Honestly anything of quality will work, especially if your planning on using nutrients with the nute packs.

Keep in mind, the pH of Canadian sphagnum peat moss is typically around 4-4.5. This is too acidic for what cannabis likes (6.5). Most recipes call for the addition of garden lime (which is also a source of calcium) in order to buffer the pH.

Coconut coir is an alternative that can be used, and it naturally has a pH of 6.5. It’s also considered to be more sustainable than peat.

I’ve seen some studies which show that greater than 20% compost doesn’t get you much extra return in the growth of the plant.

If you have good quality water where you live, you can get away with tap water (it’s also a source of calcium). I fill a 5 gallon bucket or 2 a day ahead of time and use a $20 aquarium pump to add some dissolved oxygen and get the chlorine out. Buying water is a big expense.

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