Soil help….reusing old soil

So I had a plan to reuse some of my old soil from my previous grow and I was just reading the bag and it says to mix with organic soil. So I mixed up soil on my last grow, some was organic soil I got from Lowes I believe, but I mixed it with FF ocean forest and maybe even a bit of coco loco soil. So my plan is to break up the old soil from the roots of the last batch I grew and add this soil to it so I just have to water the plants. I will just be using this on my auto plants. I have a slightly smaller jungle in the works of 11 plants instead of the 14 I grew last time. 4 of the plants are photo plants. I have some fresh FFOF and coco to use on my photo plants. Any suggestions or thoughts on this would be appreciated. I plan to switch the plants to their bigger pots this week at some point.

I always toss old soil onto the compost pile, along with vegan kitchen scraps. It has attracted worms which eat it and pop out pH balanced, nitrogen-rich soil. All dead plants from the garden get buried and the worms make quick work oof them.

I’ll bury a bag of cow shit in the fall. Next year’s plants will get nothing else except water and loving attention.