So what do you all think

I am posting some pics of some of my buds hoping for how close they are to harvest. I am thinking matbe 2 weeks. Also how do they look. My first grow would like to know. Thanks


They’re looking really nice @MoOG !

Still looks to be weeks away. Lotsa white pistils yet. Those will turn reddish brown and receded some.

You’ll want to have a jewelers loupe or a macro lens of some sort to closely inspect the trichomes.

This is what you’re looking for:

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I have a loupe. These are autos day1 of week 4 flower so I hope not weeks lol. I just gave them a taste of molasses. I am happy but not sure if I should be :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thanks for the input


You didn’t specify autos

Just keep an eye on them :+1::v:

The chart still applies

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I know I will and thank you

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@MoOG you should be Very Happy like Totally :laughing:

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Good news thanks Bill. I am but not sure where the girls are supposed to be versus where they are at. You know its a first time thing.

@MoOG None of us are Weed Gods, we’ve lost The Natural so we all have blanks minds until Harvest Day

Yep I am there also haha. Appreciate ya brother

@MoOG Finally, some flower showing


Sweet!! They look good!

@MoOG my wife just said the same thing except she said, “Not Bad for Midget plants” :rofl:

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:rofl::rofl: our wives would get along lol

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