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As y’all know I am a newbie to this growing. I looked at my buds for the first time under a 16 power magnifying glass. It looks just like the dad gum pictures in the magazine. All those little droplets and all those hairs so fuzzy. I just had to tell someone. Yes I’m a little excited.

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It is exciting to see them forming. I absolutely agree. Many times I’ll just stand there staring.


I still spend hours just gazing upon them. Chilling in my grow room has become my favorite thing. Just be careful, you’ll become nose blind and have no clue the whole house smells like bud.


Too late here, smells good. I just have to leave for an hour or two and when I come back its Lynyrd Skynyrd all over again. eeuuu that smell


Well, on the plus side, the changes going on in our Creation, one of the side effects is lack of smell. Just saying. I promise I’m not cold hearted, I just see the silver lining in most things. :cloud:


LOL…what a fun post to read! I am like you…a newbie. It is exciting as heck to see what is really happening when you get a magnifier! This is a fun hobby. Sometimes I’ll just open up the grow tent and sit inside with my plants, admiring them and trying to figure what is going on with the ones that are having some little problems. Happy growing!


Yes this is a fun post!! Watching those girls go from newborns to full on sticky babes is a wonderful thing!


@Rye we can walk outside to every window and smell a Crop :laughing: Brand New Windows at that

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@Rusty :v: Same Stuff

:grin: 13 Weeks and 11 Weeks to Go :yum: i had wait till lights out to show 11 hours of this and 12 hours of this for dusk and dawn daily GIF_20210210_121405