Small but very dense autos

Growing some Strawberry Cheesecakes Autos. Seeds in the dirt 5/22/22. I did a tent grow last winter from the same seed pack. There is no substitute for sunlight.
I’m in the north Georgia mountains. I probably have the ideal outdoor growing conditions. Lots of sun but not scorching due to the higher elevation and a constant breeze. Plenty of rain. We are the wettest county east of the Cascades!! Some years, we qualify as rain forest. I’m growing in 3 and 5 gal bags. I grow in the cart so I can move them to avoid downpours or excessive sun. I did put them into the tent once during mid-veg while we were under a week long monsoon.
No issue of privacy. Pot is still illegal in Ga. but I have 18 acres and my property is only accessible through a locked gate and a 1700 ft. steep drive.
These girls are all short. My winter grow was much taller but they had gotten light stretched. But the buds are very dense and the aroma is super strong. I smell these from 50 feet if down wind. The buds are as firm as a young lady’s breast and very sticky. I’m smoking Bannon right now and discovered I DO NOT like diesel smell/flavor. The smell of SBCs is making my mouth water.
I use Mix-A-Soil and rain water that I collect in a cistern. pH is 6.8 to 7. TDS is 40 to 50 ppm. Occasionally I give them a little black molasses and I did give them some Home Grown Flowertime booster N16, P6, K30. I don’t expect to add anymore Neuts.
I don’t expect much on yields. Maybe 2 oz. per plant if lucky. I don’t top autos. Other than repotting as seedlings into the pots you see, this has been nearly a no maintenance grow.
My question is: can I do anything at this stage of the game to boost the output?

that’s our “eating” garden with the wife weeding. LOL


Nice! You’re lucky to have the space and the weather. I’m growing on a small city lot up here in New England, good weather this year, fortunately.

At this stage, your yield is what it’s going to be. One way you can increase yield with autos is to start a new batch of plants. They’ll thrive in the still-long days of late summer and be ready before the frost.


Yeah, I’m getting ready to seed some more. I have some Banner Fast Photos, some Banner regulars and some more SBCs.
I still have enough time to grow Autos to harvest.
I’ll also plant the Banner Fast Photos but I may have to flip them in the tent. When out days finally get short enough to flip Photos, we are getting into frost season.
The regulars were BOGOs. The last time I grew some, they were boys. I don’t have any time to mess with seed harvesting.

My SBCs are just entering harvest minimum.
Today is 69 days. I hate to be in here asking “Is it soup yet?”

They are all runts. Don’t know why but I’m not concerned. The buds are fat and very dense and they smell wonderful.
I grew an indoor crop last winter from the same seed batch. They were much taller but I think they suffered light stretch. These girls are all short but with all the nice curves.

I figure about another week, at minimum. I harvested some Banners early and they turned out pretty lame. I was going in for surgery and I did not want to harvest afterwards.

I’m using Mix-A-Soil so no purpose in flushing. Any last week(s) advise to get that last little bump? Should I cut back on water?


@SlingShot keep watering lightly as long as they are still drinking.

I’d personally wait to harvest for the full moon outdoor. Harvesting the morning after a full moon before dawn or later in the evening during the full moon when it is cool outside will have a significant impact on the sap and resins left inside the upper leaves and flowers which often also translates to higher terpene and resin content in your buds after harvest if dried and cured properly.


@SlingShot so I’d shoot for the night of August 11th or early morning on the 12th personally.

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Wow! I never took those moon influence seriously. I will take you up on it.

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They look great! :+1:

Did you cut off all side branches or did it grow that way?!?

That is how it grew. Just one center stalk.
I did not prune or top.
Also, it only sprouted a few big fav leaves.

Just about there. I figure to pull them before week’s end.
They smell great!


That’s so :sunglasses: looking like one giant bud I’ve never seen that before

Too bad you didn’t fim it you would have had a bunch of those colas the same as that one I always pull between 5 and 7 oz!!!

I would have topped off they were photos. I pretty much leave autos alone.
I’m happy with the results. This was a summer lark with almost no maintenance.
I’m going to start some photos and take advantage of the sunlight but will move into the tent for the flip.

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They are getting real close. Might pull them tonight or in the morning

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I call them Cannabis Kabobs.

I did no topping, pruning or training. They grew like trees on one stalk. This was my summer, low-maintenance, auto crop. Other than water when it didn’t rain, I did nothing. Actually, I did feed them a little black molasses a couple of waterings.
I have no complaints. They smell great and the buds are as solid as a dense sea sponge.
I even cheated and pinched a bit of bud early during the dry and vaped it. Smooth as potent.


I have a couple of GG4 autos that I expect to turn out the same. They spend a little too much time under the seedling lamp before transplant. week 2 of flower.


Looking good. I have two GG#4 photos going outside. They just finished week four of flower and are starting to put on weight :blush:

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I did that a few grows back. I set the light to the manufacturers recommendations. Stretched them puppies to the sky!
At first I thought I had won the lottery. Then another grower saw my pics and tipped me off.
They were like vines. I trained them in a spiral but had to keep them supported.
Yield was low but smoked good.

Next crop you should look into the SCROG method of growing the autoflowers it maximizes your output. But on the other hand you’re babies look beautiful and scrumptious