Small buds and stretch. End of Week 1 flower

So my buds look small, I’m using a spider farmer 1000 on one side and a Apelila on the other side. My lights aren’t turned up all the way yet since I’m only in the end of week 1 flower. They say they fill in but man they look smaller then my outdoor I got growing. This is the platinum cookies I posted a while back about. Also why is on side of the tent growing taller then the other, there isn’t any light leaks…


Omg turn them up lol.
Unless you want to grow stick and stems

Plants look pretty good though. But for real. Turn em up. One foot distance. Pretty sure will be ok


Yeah most definitely turn your lights up bro! This is the start of time when they’re gonna need it most

That’s a great looking grow. I agree though, crank the light.

They are correct and feed the bloom nutes just don’t overfeed, water water feed water water feed then flush back to nutes eater water feed, and don’t pull yellowing leaves til they exhaust their energies.

so which one is bigger…under which light? Did you try swapping them as photon coverage / strength may be different. Do not forget to take into account genus…seeds can come from the same plant, even the same bud but the lineage it follows is genetics…not usually environmental
Outdoors- even on cloudy days the ppm is like 1300 and 2k on sunny days. IR /UV inclusive…lights are not replacements for the sun, just alternatives…that spectrum outdoors is near next to impossible to attain indoors. What you can get indoors is a pristine environment


Thanks to all that’s have helped me on this site. So the stretch was because of one of my stupid lights was barely on at night. Pissed me off cause I found out at the end of week 2. But on week 6 one side of the plant had like 8 pollen sacs. They where bare light green to yellow so I pulled them all out. About to take a pic to give you an update. I’m now in the end of week 9.


Well, if you do end up with seeds, they’ll be Magallan Platinum Cookies S1 Feminized.

Beautiful grow. Is that a 4x4 tent? What’s the pot size?

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Haha right, magallan cooks!
Shoot I might give it another run if I do find some.
Yes a 4x4 and I believe the pots a 5 gal.
Thanks brotha curr