Slight yellowing on my auto

Hello Brain Trust!

I have some slight yellowing on some lower fan leaves of my auto. I am in week four of the grow. Conditions in tent are 45% RH, 22 C, I have been giving them technaflora vegetative nutrients once a week. Is this yellowing something I should be concerned with?

Are you using hydro formula or soil? Are you feeding every third watering or more? Do you suppliment…Molasses, calmag, kelp…etc? Are you using an organic / living or hot soil?
The variegation is very slight and I would just keep my eyes on it.


I am following the feed, water, water schedule. I’m using fox farm ocean forest soil. I have not been giving it any further nutrients than the recipe in technaflora starter kit for success nutrients. I’ll keep an eye on it for now. This is a sour diesel. My white widow has no discolorations at all and has been treated identically.

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Sour D is part of the Chem Dawg family, it has high nutrient requirements . In particular, these plants need a high level of nitrogen during the vegetative stage. That means it also needs extra calcium and make sur the K is in there. Be careful not to overfeed but make sure she gets her nute requirements. I would add cal/mag or at least a foliar of (go to @Kronic, find his DIYcal formula, add tsp of epson salt per gal, spray…foliar feed plant in 2 days where soil takes time for nute to travel up into plant)