Slang Terms Glossary - Yes, no?

Can we start a list of grower slang? Nanners, FFHF, etc. I’m learning so much, but get lost with a lot of the acronyms (FFHF) and slag you use. Good idea? Yes, no? If good, add some words. When we get a good list I’ll pull together into one alphabetically.


I’ll offer a couple – then you GO

Nanners Bananas or “nanners” are a type of mixed-sex cannabis flower that grow from the middle of cannabis buds as a result of stress or genetics. Bananas are unwelcome in cannabis gardens because they release pollen that can cause developing buds to form seeds. One or two bananas probably won’t make a whole lot of seeds, but many of them can produce very seedy buds. nanners

FFHF: Fox Farms Happy Frog Soil
FFOF: Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil

Another one:

VPD Vapor pressure deficit

Vapor pressure deficit (VPD) refers to the difference between moisture that is found in the air and how much moisture the air can hold in total. … VPD cannabis cultivation involves the transpiration of moisture that is created by plants.

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Great idea. Fwiw, all the above about vapor pressure is what we are adjusting when we adjust water or ventilation or rh. It’s the science behind “reading your leaves”.

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