Slang Terms Glossary - Yes, no?

Can we start a list of grower slang? Nanners, FFHF, etc. I’m learning so much, but get lost with a lot of the acronyms (FFHF) and slag you use. Good idea? Yes, no? If good, add some words. When we get a good list I’ll pull together into one alphabetically.


I’ll offer a couple – then you GO

Nanners Bananas or “nanners” are a type of mixed-sex cannabis flower that grow from the middle of cannabis buds as a result of stress or genetics. Bananas are unwelcome in cannabis gardens because they release pollen that can cause developing buds to form seeds. One or two bananas probably won’t make a whole lot of seeds, but many of them can produce very seedy buds. nanners

FFHF: Fox Farms Happy Frog Soil
FFOF: Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil

Another one:

VPD Vapor pressure deficit

Vapor pressure deficit (VPD) refers to the difference between moisture that is found in the air and how much moisture the air can hold in total. … VPD cannabis cultivation involves the transpiration of moisture that is created by plants.


Great idea. Fwiw, all the above about vapor pressure is what we are adjusting when we adjust water or ventilation or rh. It’s the science behind “reading your leaves”.

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FIM-“fuck I missed” is a HST (high stress training) method for increasing yield by cutting the leaves just barely above the top of the branch causing 2-4 new tops to form.

PAR - Photosynthetically active radiation - led light measurement. The spectrum of photosynthetic light.

PPF- Photosynthetic Photon Flux - led light measurement- the total possible amount of PAR photons a light can emit.

PPFD - Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density - led light measurement - the density of PAR photons at different intervals/distances from the light source.

D.L.I.- Daily Light Integral - the amount of light energy measured in mols a plant is receiving each day during the photoperiod (lights on).

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I can always count on you for the coolest info. Thanks. My first three are doing great. I’ve been a nervous wreck. Have to take CBD calm capsules to chill.

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Here is one: ITOD “In the old days”.


TDS - Total Dissolved Solids
EC - Electrical Conductivity