Skunk#1/Wedding cake

I figured I would keep a log of my first grow. I was lucky enough to be gifted some clones from a very kind grower on a forum.

Tent-vivosun 4x2x5
Light-vivosun vs1000
4"- 203 cfm exhaust fan w filter
Soil- FFHF
Strains- 2 -

skunk #1
1- wedding cake
-Started rooting 5/15
Temp 68-72 RH 30-35%

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Quick update, I transplanted the 3 that were in solo cups in 3g bags with FFHF. I added another humidifier to get the RH up. It was 68*f and 55% RH. They all look fairly happy maynr just a little shock from the transplant. Is now a good time to top the 1.5 week old dosidos?


Hey everyone it’s been a while! Just wanted to do a quick update. We are officially 1 week into flower! I just gave them all of the FF trio at the recommended amount. The wedding cake is going to be a big plant by the current look of her and it’s definitely the heaviest feeder. Here’s a couple of pictures, let me know what you guys think! Does everything look like we’re heading in the right direction? Do I still need to water wet to when they start drooping? Thanks!

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