Skinny stems won't hold up plant

What to do. My BLW seeds shoot up 100% germination but then grow to 4 inches in a week and fall over, unable to hold themselves up. I have put in splints to hopefully get them to stiffen up the stems. This has happened to seeds germinated from paper towels and seeds in just dirt. I don’t have a lab to coddle these plants. I have a breezy, sunny back yard. What seeds to you have that are more robust?

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Sounds like not enough light. Light starved babies stretch to try to get more light.

Add more soil to support the stem and put them closer to the light.


Do u have small fsn blowing on them will.mske the stems strong👌


It’s either not enough light or over/under watering.

Not enough light causes stretching.

Not enough water makes them wilt.

Too much water will make them wilt as well.

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When I changed to an AC Infinity light my plants bushed. They could not do it on the HLG.

To far away from the light will cause them to stresch for it make um top.heavy as well.small fsn should fix that unless ur watering them directly on.the.stem.water around themake those roots.reach out for water.:ok_hand:

I have been successful. I lost a few plants to a combination of things the responses all identified. I have adjusted and have some plants doing well. I thank all of you that took the time to help.

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Yea. Just try to.keep it simple. Sounds light isn’t close.enough. light should be 18-20inchs from the tops.or.18,inch’s even because think.when there setting on.our.porch’s. In.middle of.may the imtence warm.air.blowing that time.of year .those.babsys can be closer than us think. To.the.lights what type.light you running.? Brand wattage

I am using a two light makeshift setup. I have a Sylvania grow-lux 15inch F15T8-GRO and a Great Value BR30 8W LED GVLBR30H working together. Anyone want to comment on this setup please do.

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I hope you were not planning to use these lights through the whole grow because you are going to be highly disappointed…no pun intended. While these lights could be ok for germinating…they are not going to provide enough light for true growth in your plants. You have a combined total of 23 watts of raw energy pumping into those plants. I am not sure what kind of budget you are on, what kind of space you are growing in but after looking into the lights you have purchased, I am not sure you are doing the plants justice.
To let you know my auto tent has a 480 watt mars hydro light in it and my photo tent has a 300 watt mars hydro light in it.
To be honest I don’t think it is your plants, I think it is your lights. Maybe look into getting something from spiderfarmer, mars hydro, or ac infinity. They are some of the leaders in the market and a lot of their stuff is affordable. Mearly a suggestion and I hope you can really turn this grow into something spectacular. Keep us updated!


If u can afford I just bought bestva bp1000cost.round 69$ well worth it super intence.light

here’s lady I gre w under it.3weeks

My two setups one is a mars hydro tsw 2000 300 watt and the other is a mars hydro fc 4800 480 watt light. One is for photos one is for autos…just now starting photos. The babies at the bottom pic are 2 weeks from seed


I use (8) 17 Watt LED bulbs for germination. Daylight, from Home Depot. They work fine for seedlings. But to grow, the plant needs lots of light. I use the sun. But on these short days, I put the plants under the LED bulbs in the evening to prevent flowering.

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Right now I’m using a 250 watt incandescent 3 way bulb for germination. Then moving them outside. I have lost several plants. I wish I would have done a little more research into this so I could order more robust seeds. Any suggestions folks?

I don’t think it is your seeds. Everything you just said is screaming lights, but you need to provide alot more information before anyone could possibly help. Welcome

I am now using a 2000 watt LED light with much better results. I have also seen where BLW is a tall plant, so I don’t feel my issue with the stems is out of line. Who knew. I should have done more research. I have also purchased an 8000 watt LED light from Ebay and I have a tent I am going to use. Anyone have any experience with LEDs? Advertising sure sounds good. I did loose several plants and had to prop up plants with small branches until they stood on their own. So far it’s working.

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