Simple mix ratio 4 autoflowers?

I have some organic soil, with many nice extras. perlite, vermiculite, some happy frog 4-3-4 and 3-4-3, 2 2gal pots, would some one give me a simple mixing ratio?!
thanks yall

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Hi P-Tree!

Looks like you have some great ingredients for your recipe.

What is it you will be growing and where will you be growing?

Nice to meet you! :v::hibiscus::herb: I’m excited to see your grow.

my small town hardware/gardening store has alot of good things. seeing as alot of country folk like to grow things lol.

I’m running a mars hydro ts1000 (150w) with two (50w) led 35000k on each side of the main light in a 4x4x5 grow space
(home made lol, I think I did good) I’ll post pics later.

I have 4 BCN Critical XXL Autoflowers, 3 gallon pots. my mix was a 6:1 cup ratio. 6 cups organic soil, 1cup vermiculite, 1cup perlite. so multiply that by 3, since I’m growing in 3 gallon pots. with 1 tablespoon of 3-4-3 & 4-3-4 happy frog organic fertilizer. (slownrelease of course. I put the 3-4-3 on the bottom (1Tbs), and the 4-3-4 on the top section.

I mean I grew outside many times. had 8 footers in high school lol and that was 18 years ago. never have I tried a indoor grow. any tips are welcome. thanks yall!

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I’m going to learn a lot from you, for sure. Can you please explain to me why fertilizer is used on the outset? I’m aware my question sounds very formal, I promise I’m not attempting to sound hoity, I’m legitimately curious.

well just me late night thinking. I was doing research and from what I was reading. i could be wrong here people. indica does better, in the aspect of being short and bushy. and that autoflowers do not need to be disturbed. because any strain on the plant could hurt it, and with auto flowers, one day is important. so I wanted a mix I didnt have to feed. I have time so I can make different plans next time if it dosent work. but since N is for leaf and stem growth, or vegistate, while P is more for flowering. I thought making the bottom half with the 3-4-3, and the top half 4-3-4. makes sense right lol hell I could sound dumb but I would like to think I have a decent understanding. I use to boil 5 gallons of water with either bat guano, blood meal, bone meal, or fish emulsion. I try to keep it organic first time I smoked something I grew with miracle grow (and flushed it for 2 weeks) itbwas so harsh! so I stay organic, inside or out.

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I’m a total novice at autos and hope to grow again once I move so this is helpful.

Can you please remind me what the letters and numbers mean? I’m a bit dyslexic with numbers (it’s a nightmare in there) and the initialisms I’m thinking of and what you may be thinking of are probably far apart. I would like to be sure I’m in the right ballpark, so to speak. I appreciate your patience! :v: