Showing preflowers at 5 weeks

Is this a boy? The preflower has a stem

Are there any other similar sac-like features on the plant, like this one? If you are seeing balls all over your plants, it might be a male.

I would defer to the experts.

Not balls but on another node theres 2 hairs that have what looks like spoons at the end. I cant get the camera close enough for a clear image.

its webbed in places too. So cool

@metaridley that looks like it might either be a male or a true hermaphrodite based on the one photo and what you have described. A better photo of each trait you are describing would make it easier to be 100% though if you can manage one.

That webbing as you called it though is fairly normal. Many plants do that in the nodes.

What’s really cool is if you get the webbed fan leaf mutation because then all the leaves look like serated pentagons.


and from another angle same strain but diff plant. The spoons are gone

these photo’s are super clear how many times is that magnefied?

10x on my cell phone😀

Starting to take more of a shape.

this is blair, my suspected male. Ive seperated all the tanzanians from the gelatos and put the 'T’s in flower. This is their first full day after being in the dark for 48hrs. I planned to put the girls back in veg once identified but i dont trust these plants. The seeds came free with colloidal silver.

what type of phone do you have that takes pics with this much clarity?

Samsung galaxy 10. You can magnify X10 and zoom in another 10 after you take the pic